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Cloud Computing for Small Business – Why Is It the Perfect Option

Cloud computing is a common feature in most modern companies’ IT setup
It’s an important service present in the IT infrastructures of many well-established businesses, however, it does not necessarily need to be limited to these. Small businesses too can leverage cloud computing for better growth, continuity and scalability
Additionally, since this service is a more modern approach to handling long-running business operations, having the right cloud technology is essential.
Although every small business may have limited technologies and processes implemented, cloud computing is one of the more helpful services that every small business owner must consider leveraging.
At Redpalm, we have vast experience in providing quality IT solutions and services to various types of businesses. We know how cloud solutions for small businesses can help your business grow better.
With this in mind, we’ve prepared a short guide on why cloud computing solutions are the perfect option for every small business. 
So without further ado, let’s dive in.

What Is Cloud Computing And What Does It Include?

In today’s ever-changing business climate, ensuring that every employee of your organisation can get access to the company’s resources no matter where they are, is essential for daily operations to continue without any hiccups.
Here’s where cloud computing for small businesses comes in.
With the flexibility of storing and accessing your data securely, every person that is included in your organisation can get what they need, whenever they need it. All that is required is a secure internet connection.
Since this system allows users to access important information or data on a remote server with an internet connection, it is a great service to add to your existing IT infrastructure.
Moreover, since cloud computing is essentially an umbrella term for various cloud services, there are many features that instantly become available to you. 
These include –

  • Cloud Storage – Allows regular access and lets you backup your data which can further be synced and shared
  • Cloud Backup – A failsafe solution that lets you securely store important data
  • Cloud Hosting – This solution facilitates multiple types of services including storage
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)Saas solutions use the web to provide several services that are required for day-to-day business operations

With the various features, any small business can improve the way they operate and bring about better efficiency within their processes in their approach to IT-related functions.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing for Small Business

By implementing cloud computing in your small business, the biggest advantage your organisation reaps is unlimited access to the company’s important data, systems, and information. 
Whether an employee is in the office or working from home, with cloud computing, they can proceed with their tasks seamlessly by gaining an instant yet secure access to whatever resources they need. 
Apart from this, cloud computing has several benefits in store for every business. 
These include –

1. Allows For Remote Programs

We all know that most companies rely on specific software for their daily operations that aren’t commonly used out of the office. Since this software will be installed in your office computers, finding a way to access them can let your employees and other team members work remotely with peak efficiency.
Here’s where cloud computing for a small business proves advantageous. Since we know cloud computing can access the company’s networks and systems, this gives way to use the programs and data from the comfort of your home or other locations. 
This means that regardless of where your team is, daily operations and tasks can continue without interruption.

2. Easily Backs Up Data

Losing any kind of data has negative consequences that have the potential to affect your company. Whether it is through a cyber attack, natural disasters, hardware failure, outages or a mistake by someone from your organisation, losing data is not something you can afford.
In such cases, having a cloud backup is always going to work in your favour. Paired with additional contingencies, cloud computing allows you to store all the confidential information and systems that are necessary for business continuity
With this, you can rest assured that your data is safe at all times.

3. Accessible Data And Cost-Effective

With any compatible device, businesses can access information and data whenever they wish without any hassles. By storing data on the cloud server, anyone who has proper credentials can access the required information. Moreover, with robust cloud security solutions, you can ensure that your stored data is safe and secure.
Another great advantage of cloud computing for small businesses is the cost-effectiveness of the service. As a small business, you may not have enough funds to dedicate to all areas for maximum efficiency and security. 
With cloud computing, you’re guaranteed access to various features and benefits, all in one central platform, making this solution a worthwhile addition to your operations.

Contact Redpalm For Dedicated IT Solutions And Services For Your Small Business

Now that you know why cloud computing for small businesses is a great idea, there are many other IT services we offer that you can consider for your organisation.
At Redpalm, we offer robust IT solutions and services that include everything ranging from cyber security to managed IT services. We can take care of all your IT-related needs so that you can focus on growing your small business.
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