Proactive IT Monitoring

Stay on top of IT issues by using our managed monitoring services to help maximise uptime and performance

As an organisation, you want to make the most of your IT investment. To do this, it’s important to keep an eye on your systems – so you can put issues right before they disrupt your organisation.

That’s why at Redpalm, we offer proactive monitoring for your systems and infrastructure – from hardware to servers and from antivirus (AV) to backups – for signs of trouble.

Issues are automatically logged as tickets in our service desk, and then assigned to an engineer to investigate. And if there are recurring problems, we can flag them for attention in our monthly meetings, so that you can take the appropriate action.

Proactive IT monitoring: the benefits to you

We can help you to:

Monitor your servers
We use automated software to monitor servers. For example, if a machine is offline, you’re missing software patches, or you’re running low on disk space, we can respond. We monitor all types of servers, whether they’re physical, virtual, hypervisor hosts, or in the cloud.

We can also monitor admin privileges to check when new users are being added, as this can be a sign of a cyber-attack.

Keep an eye on your hardware
We can monitor and manage all types of hardware, from network switches to hypervisor hosts to servers. Our attractive SLAs mean we can have an engineer on site, with parts, in as little as two hours – or next business day, as appropriate.

If you choose our “break-fix” contract, we can even have replacement parts ready in stock, to minimise delays ordering parts from suppliers.

Protect against malware
To help reduce risks from malware, we can monitor your anti-virus (AV) to help ensure it’s running and up to date. Our monitoring solution checks to see whether AV is installed, configured correctly, and virus definitions are up to date.

And with so many people working remotely, we also offer managed endpoint security – filtering access to suspicious or inappropriate websites, for example, which helps reduce the risk of malware on client devices.

Make sure backups are working
Because business continuity is so vital, we don’t only rely on automated email confirmation that backups are successful. We also check them manually, and we test restores on a monthly basis.

That way, you can reduce the risk of backup failure so that you can access vital files when you need them most.

Find out more about our managed backups and DR service.

Rely on Redpalm
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