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IT Set-Up for Success – 5 Things You Can't Overlook

Getting a professional IT set-up and IT strategy for your business has become important, now more than ever!
That said, with many of you still working remotely, you need to ensure that your IT service provider is offering you the right technology and tools. This way, you can create an effective IT set-up that facilitates efficiency, cyber security, productivity and success.
Additionally, given that the work from anywhere norm is becoming progressively common, it’s important you analyse the effectiveness of your IT set-up regularly.
While you’re at it, you need to ensure that your set-up includes a multi-layered approach, providing various technologies and tools to cover every operational function. Not only that, also make sure your IT strategy adds more value to your organisation.
However, when it comes to creating a professional IT set-up for your firm, there are certain things you need to include in it.
Read this blog to find out what these points are and how they can help your business, especially in terms of security, productivity and efficiency, during the flexible working pattern.

1. Same Sign On (SSO)

A same sign-on system is a function that enables employees to sign in only once while using one account which has access to other company networks, cloud-based solutions and devices.
With the integration of this function in your IT set-up, you can ensure that every employee has their own secure and unique identity. Moreover, you can make sure they’re able to sign in automatically by simply using their unique username and password for every application.
Ultimately, this will help you maximise the overall security of your business while minimising the end user’s frustration.

2. Self Service Password Reset

Yet another crucial aspect of your professional IT set-up, self service password reset helps simplify the password policy of your company, whilst enhancing its overall security and productivity.
Given that the process involved is quite simple, it’ll enable your employees to quickly reset their password the way they do it for their personal applications and accounts. In other words, the process is as easy as resetting your Facebook password.
Due to this feature, again, you can eliminate the frustration your employees face when they forget their passwords or are locked out of their accounts.
However, if you fail to integrate this facet within your IT infrastructure, you’ll have to seek assistance from an experienced IT solution provider like Redpalm and wait for it to be fixed.

3. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

While multi factor authentication by itself can work wonders for your organisation, it can offer an additional layer of security when paired with the SSO functionality in your IT set-up.
Sure, you might think of settling for single factor authentication for your company, but you need to know that it’s no longer an adequate means to protect the data integrity of your business, let alone its overall security. This is why, at Redpalm, we suggest leveraging multi factor authentication.
Not only does it ask the employee to identify themselves twice before granting access to a network, but also helps prevent cyber criminals from taking advantage of crucial business data.

4. Cyber Security Training

Did you know that the #1 weakness in a business’ IT system is often its employees who use it?
This is exactly why it’s important for you to not only introduce cyber security training in your professional IT set-up but also ensure it’s being conducted regularly. In doing so, you can easily train your employees about the common cyber threats and ensure they’re aware of how to discover and steer clear of it.
What’s more, cyber security awareness can prevent your IT team from sharing confidential data, downloading insecure attachments, opening malicious links and more.
At Redpalm, our IT security training comprises interactive and latest training material. It also covers an array of topics like staying safe on social media and phishing scams. This means, implementing our training will help you lower the vulnerability of malware infections, potential cyber theft and data loss.
If you’re ready to start educating your employees about potential cyber attacks, give our team a call on 0333 006 3366 today!

5. File Sync and Share Solutions

With many cloud-based systems available on the market, it’s made the entire file sync and sharing process, not to mention the data storage, a whole lot easier.
This means, by getting one of these solutions installed within your IT set-up you can store all your data on the cloud. Moreover, you can easily access it at any time, from anywhere and through any device. 
You can also sync the data with your systems to enable employees to work even when they’re offline while setting specific permissions to add an extra layer of security to both your internal and external data. However, when it comes to choosing a file sync and share solution for your business, there are some crucial aspects that you need to consider.
Give this blog a read to discover the three things you need to keep in mind!

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