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A Definitive Guide to Data Integrity

Ultimately, data is nothing more than a synonym for ‘information’. As a business though, you already know that data is one of the most valuable assets you have. 
With the digitalisation of most business aspects and functions, issues with consistency and accuracy of data stored in your system have become increasingly common. These data inconsistencies can cause minor operational issues for your business and at times, disrupt the entire process and functions. 
In the digital age where a near infinite amount of information is produced, processed and stored on a daily basis, its important to implement measures that preserve business data. 
It’s crucial to understand the essence of data integrity and the way it operates to ensure the absolute safety of all the information you store. 
At Redpalm, we have put together a definitive guide to data integrity to help you understand what it means, what it entails and most importantly, why it matters. 
Let’s dive in!

What Does Data Integrity Mean?

Put simply, data integrity applies to the consistency, accuracy and validity of the data you store, throughout its lifecycle. If at any point your data is compromised, it can lose its value, making it of no use to your organisation. 
Loss of data can make your organisation susceptible to various other dangers. For this reason alone, maintaining data integrity should be a core prime focus as a business. You should look into cyber security solutions to ensure that your business environment stays safe from potential digital threats. 
Data integrity is also applicable to the safety and security of information and practices that concern regulatory compliance like GDPR. With our robust IT security measures, we assist businesses in maintaining and upholding their data protection with a comprehensive set of rules, policies, standards and processes right from the start. 
With our end-to-end guide to data integrity, you can ensure that all business-critical information remains safe from unauthorised access and external threats. 

Importance of Data Integrity

Safety of data and information is core priority for businesses meaning you likely already have some measures in place to ensure that your data remains secure. 
As discussed earlier, data loss and corruption can harm your business operations, not to mention your reputation and brand. This is why data security has become such a concern for both large and small organisations.
There are many ways that data integrity can be compromised. Since most businesses operate a digital landscape, data is transferred virtually to a number of places. When this happens, more copies of the transferred data are often created with various modifications and important additions. All of this information is logged and stored across your systems and network. 
It’s important to ensure that there are no external alterations or changes whenever data is replicated or transferred from one endpoint to another, highlighting the fine line between data integrity and integration
If you are looking for ways to uphold the integrity of your data, book your free IT consultation with us today!
We work with you to ensure that your data recoverability, traceability and connectivity is maintained across endpoints, channels and networks. By safeguarding the validity and accuracy of your business information with us, you can enhance the performance and stability of your systems for a long time. 

Securing Data Integrity

Ensuring the accuracy of your data within your database from the very beginning by employing standard rules and procedures is essential so as to avoid network breaches. For this, you need dedicated managed IT infrastructure and services to error-check and validate the quality of the stored data stored. 
Our managed services solutions ensure that the integrity of your data is not compromised between updates and transfers. It’s important this happens at every stage of data modification to safeguard core business information and processes.
Here’s what you need do to have a fully secure guide to data integrity:

Data Maintenance and Cleaning

Do this on a regular basis so that data remains up to date and ready for use when required. Have a set routine in place to ensure that data maintenance is carried out consistently. 

Providing Data Entry Training to Employees

We work with you to provide essential training to your employees to ensure they remain safe online. We can also assist you in delivering regular employee training to make them aware and accountable for data quality and maintenance.

Being Aware of the Rules of Data Validation

Regardless of how careful you are, human errors are unavoidable. If something like this were to happen, the effects can ripple through your organisation. By establishing proper data validation rules, you’ll be able to control and restrict the level of access users have over their systems. 

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With our end-to-end IT solutions and support, you can benefit from our robust managed services while connecting multiple sources of data and applications in one secure, centralised location.
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