Cyber Security

Compromised cybersecurity doesn’t need to threaten your business. We can build you a solid defence that minimises your risk and gives you the tools to respond swiftly and effectively to any incidents.

Our cutting edge service focuses on Security Analytics and the use of Machine Learning. Our highly-trained team of consultants collaborate with a range of security partners to ensure we’re always at the forefront of the industry.

You’re in safe hands with us.

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Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials PLUS

Get Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS certified with Redpalm.

All businesses in the UK are vulnerable to cyber attacks, and the Cyber Essentials scheme is designed to get you to a base level of protection. It mitigates around 80% of common internet attacks.

It will give you peace of mind, reduce risk in your organisation and can lead to more business — government tenders now require it as a minimum.

Certify with us and you’ll learn from market-leading cyber security experts with decades of experience.


Advantages of the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS Certifications

Reduce Cyber Insurance Premium

Businesses that achieve the Cyber Essentials certification are more likely to receive favourable rates from their cyber insurance agency, as they are demonstrably less likely to experience a cyber attack.

Work with the UK Government and the Ministry of Defence (MoD)

As you might expect, due to the rigorous security measures employed by the MoD and government, being Cyber Essentials certified is a compulsory requirement if you wish to work with them.

Showcase Your Commitment towards Security to Your Stakeholders

Being Cyber Essentials Certified demonstrates that you take cyber security seriously and assures your business partners, suppliers and regulators of your commitment towards a secure business channel.

Gain a Competitive Edge

With the necessary cyber security certification, you gain an edge over your competitors who may lack the necessary accreditations. A Cyber Essentials certification is an excellent selling point to secure new business in many industries.

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Goodbye ransomware, hello patch perfection

Imagine a life free of ransomware worries. Avoid victimisation and vulnerability whilst improving functionality and performance. We are proud perfectionists when it comes to our patching.

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Patching & Vulnerability Management

An unpatched system is a vulnerable one and poorly managed software and device updates can leave you wide open to cyber attacks. But how do you stay on top of security across your whole business?

Our centralised and intuitive software works effortlessly in the background to continuously monitor and update all of your systems and devices with the latest security patches. You get excellent levels of security with minimum fuss.

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Privilege Access Management

Don’t fall victim to unauthorised access to your sensitive business data. Our Privileged Access Management system allows you to secure, audit and manage both vendor and internal access without a VPN.

Our consultants are at the cutting-edge of this emerging field, ensuring you have total control over who accesses what in your business.


What Are Privileged Credentials?

Privileged passwords or credentials are a subgroup of data that provide elevated permissions and access across systems, accounts and applications. Privileged passwords can be linked with any application, human or service account.

The passwords for privileged accounts are often referred to as “the keys to the IT environment”. This is mainly because this set of passwords can provide the authenticated user with unprecedented and privileged access to your company’s most critical and confidential systems and information.

Research estimates that 74% of security breaches involve privileged access. Given how much is at stake, it is best for businesses to plan well in advance for a cyber attack by putting in place solid cyber security systems.

Due to this vulnerability, a core focus of our cyber security solutions is to create a secure plan for privileged access management to protect credentials from cyber criminals.


Why Do You Need Privileged Access Management by Redpalm?

Given the sensitive nature of privileged access, it makes sense to have robust cyber security measures in place to deal with the risk and challenges at hand.

Some of the cyber security risks involved with privileged access include:

  •     Lack of visibility and knowledge of users with privileged access to credentials, accounts and systems
  •     Overprovisioning of privileges with shared accounts
  •     Embedded or hard-coded credentials
  •     Decentralised or manual credential management
  •     Lack of visibility into service account and application privileges
  •     Siloed identity management processes and tools

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Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Your organisation’s digital watchtower, ensuring that you’ve got a 360 view of anything and everything happening across your network.

We provide you with real time analysis of security alerts and any suspicious behaviour detected in your network, so that your team has the information they need to respond swiftly to any risks and tackle breaches before they take hold.


SIEM – How it Works?

SIEM software works by creating and assembling a log of all related data generated by host servers, systems, applications and devices on one central platform. From firewall logs to antivirus events, SIEM software recognises data and categorises it under relevant sections like malware activity, logins (failed and successful attempts) among other potentially malicious activities.

When the software identifies activities that threaten the safety of your IT environment, alerts are generated and issued to notify you of impending digital threats. This gives you the time to prepare for a cyber attack and prevent loss of data or unwanted breaches into your business network.


The Benefits of Using Our SIEM Solutions

With SIEM solutions you will benefit from a powerful method of threat detection, long-term detailed analytics, and real-time reporting of security events and logs. When it comes to the digital security of your business, this tool will assist you in thwarting cyber security issues.

Some of the major benefits of SIEM are:

  •     Better and improved efficiency
  •     Early warning of potential cyber security threats
  •     Lessening the impact of security breaches
  •     Cost-effectiveness
  •     Improved log analysis, reporting and data retention
  •     IT compliance

As our SIEM solutions accumulate and assemble event logs from multiple sources, devices and applications, it gives your IT department the ability to identify, assess and respond to digital threats at a faster rate.

Identifying digital threats early on ensures that your business has a robust cyber attack response plan in place. In case of an attack, you can work on your recovery plan and secure your business environment as quickly as possible.

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Beware of the dark web

We can assure you that you would be surprised at the compromised credentials about your company that is available on the dark web. We can flick on the proverbial lights, show you what is there and then make sure any compromised credentials never get within the reach of a hacker.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Cyber attacks can happen at any time and you might not even know that you’ve been compromised. Not knowing is a problem, because the more time criminals have before you take action, the more damage they can do.

Our 24 / 7 / 365 Dark Web Monitoring service continuously scours millions of sites on the dark web looking for signs that your credentials have been compromised. It trawls through black market auction sites, forums and can recognise when your organisation’s credentials have been sold, shared or discussed.

Early detection is crucial in enabling you to take steps to limit the damage of a cyber attack. Don’t leave it until it’s too late


What We Offer

Reporting in Real Time

Our dark web reporting includes real time tracking and monitoring of the dark web, alerting you whenever a compromised credential is discovered. This allows you to notify the affected party and have them update their password before any damage can be done. Alternatively, for larger clients we can provide access to our management suite that gives you full, real time oversight of any compromised information. As the threat of the dark web continues to grow, it’s crucial to stay ahead of would-be hackers and have the tools to protect your business as soon as a threat is detected.


The Benefits of Our Dark Web Monitoring Service

  • Early warning of identity theft, cyber crime and data breaches
  • Disallows exploitation of business credentials by cyber criminals
  • Monitors and alerts on compromised credentials relating to your business
  • Offers enterprise-level credential security and monitoring capabilities
  • Permits actionable intelligence for the protection of your business credentials
  • Dynamic dark web monitoring with updates and reports being generated in real-time
  • Immediate digital threat response to keep data breaches at bay
  • Reduces the risk of financial and reputational damage by keeping the business network safe and secure
  • Showcases your commitment to digital security to stakeholders
  • Assistance with compliance to PCI, GDPR and ISO 27001
  • Notifies you of any compromised credentials found in hidden criminal chat rooms, private websites and peer to peer networks

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User Education

A security breach can happen anywhere in your organisation and cyber criminals know that untrained staff present an easy way in.

We offer bespoke on-site training packages aimed at all levels of staff.


Assured Human Security with Redpalm

It’s a common misconception that the only cyber security threats are those directly involving hackers and malware attacks. A byproduct of this line of thinking is that many organisations end up pouring all their resources to safeguard themselves from perimeter and intranet security breaches. This means, human security takes a backseat and that’s where cyber criminals stand to benefit.

According to a study conducted by Gallagher, around 60% of the businesses in the UK have experienced security breaches and cyber attacks due to human errors. Having weak passwords, replying to spam emails and connecting to unsecured networks are some common reasons for cyber attacks.

At Redpalm, we have put together our tips that will help you strengthen the human security measures within your organisation. This includes:

Employee Training

As mentioned above, we offer on-site training packages to educate staff across all levels about cyber security. Our training will equip your employees with the necessary skills and awareness to protect themselves and your business from a wide range of digital threats.

Security Testing

Not only will we train your employees about cyber security measures and response plans, but we will also conduct security testing to make sure that all the key points are understood. Security testing is a brilliant way to reinforce security awareness and practices that you want your staff to adopt across the business network.

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Malicious malware management

Relax in the knowledge that you’re protected from vicious viruses, terrible trojans and all the other nasty types of malware that can cause serious damage to your devices and steal your data. We’ve got your back.

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Malware Protection

There’s no room for error when it comes to antivirus software. We offer class-leading, robust solutions that make sure you’re always one step ahead. With years of experience in the industry and unrivalled know-how, we consider ourselves masters of malware protection.

Our highly-qualified security consultants offer complete impartiality. They’ll help you choose the best solution for your business and can support you once it’s up and running to ensure it’s working effectively.

You get peace of mind knowing your data is protected and our IT support services are here to help at a moment’s notice, leaving you to get on with what you do best — running your business.

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As networks become larger and more complex, it’s crucial for a business to be able to control what’s coming in and going out of their networks. A firewall should be a core feature of any cybersecurity strategy. It offers you and your staff a vital layer of protection from malicious traffic.

Our vast experience and expertise in firewall technology means that we can advise and support you with a range of innovative technologies and make sure you get the most robust protection available.

We’ll never recommend a system that we don’t think is a great fit for your business and we always put your individual needs first.


Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is perhaps the first cyber security solution you should employ to protect your business from digital threats. Perimeter security acts as a barrier between your network and the internet, as it strives to keep your IT environment as secure as possible. With a flexible and remote working environment, the opportunities to connect with cloud technologies, mobile devices and web services for businesses are abundant. While connecting with these technologies is essential, it also adds to the number of services and solutions that you need to keep secure.

If there’s an extensive web of connections, intrusion by just one piece of malware can infect your entire network. This is why you need to take steps to ensure that you have a robust cyber attack recovery plan in place so that workflow isn’t affected. Additionally, to deal with the effects of security incidents, you need to set up a robust perimeter security framework that will protect the access to critical company information, services and applications.


Intrusion Prevention System

To add to the robustness and effectiveness of your firewalls, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is essential. IPS solutions are used to identify any malicious network activity. At Redpalm, our IPS solutions employ an “anomaly-based detection” system that looks for identical patterns used in applications, data, IP addresses, and networks that may indicate instances of security breaches.

With an IPS system, you will be able to recognise intrusions coming from the internet, your  internal network or from a trusted source. IPS is a reliable tool to single out hackers who make changes in existing malware to avoid being detected. IPS kills or quarantines harmful malware to curb the spread through your business network.

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Penetration Testing

We’ll test your IT systems as though they’re being attacked, to identify exactly where your weaknesses are. Our highly trained engineers will simulate the actions of cyber criminals, to test for operational weaknesses, hardware and software flaws and poor configuration of systems. We’ll then provide you a report with a full list of recommendations to fix weak spots.

The result? A watertight network that’s highly resistant to cyber attacks. Who doesn’t want that?


Why Do You Need Web Application Penetration Testing?

  •     Reveal insecurities and vulnerabilities within your web applications
  •     Uncover risks related to security
  •     Conduct multiple security tests including authenticated and API testing
  •     Maintain a track record for discovering and addressing flaws in your IT environment


Why Do You Need Network & Infrastructure Penetration Testing?

  •     To evaluate network and IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities
  •     Assess patch management, configurations and services
  •     Conducting multiple digital tests both internally and externally
  •     Uncover network weaknesses and trace them back to where they came from


Why Do You Need Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

  •     To discover insecure application functionalities
  •     Conduct penetration tests to gauge the level of weakness in your app
  •     Ensure that the software deployment lifecycle is safe and secure
  •     Secure apps on both iOS and Android platforms


Curated Solutions for Prevention of Social Engineering

At Redpalm, we will help you determine the efficacy of your social engineering controls as you fortify online security for employees. Our highly trained IT engineers will award the maximum level of protection to your business with regular tests and training. We have unmatched experience in curating cyber security campaigns to suit the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

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Security Incident & Response

If you’ve experienced a cyber attack or data breach, you need to act fast and efficiently to limit harm to your organisation.

Our Security Incident and Response service takes care of it for you. We’ll tackle the situation with a cool head and with an organised approach. We’ll systematically go through the full extent of the breach, how they got in, damage limitation and future recommendations to mitigate risk.

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Digital Forensics

Have you lost valuable data but don’t know how to recover it? Or have you been a victim of a cyber attack and need to know quickly what data has been compromised?

Our engineers are highly-skilled digital detectives who can isolate, identify and expose forensically sound data from all types of electronic devices and networks. We run a rapid response unit that provides a full range of data services, including advice, data collection, bespoke investigations, remediation and evidential statements.

With all these cyber security incident response services under one roof, we can provide you with a bespoke service and you won’t be bounced around between different service providers.

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Email Protection

Email is one of the most vulnerable parts of a network and almost everybody uses it. Phishing attacks are increasing in numbers and sophistication meaning standard email protection solutions aren’t always up to the job.

To avoid the potential malware, data loss and financial loss that can result from a phishing scam, you need a cast iron defence. Our email protection solutions are the best in the business and gives you targeted threat protection, data leak prevention and enforced security controls.

We can help you monitor all emails, with a system that scans attachments and URLs for malware and malicious links, automatically removing infected items.

Can you afford to be without it?


Spam Protection

Research indicates that over 90% of cyber attacks begin with a phishing attack, which is sent through email. Cyber criminals send requests and offers designed to make the recipient click on the links that contain nothing but malware. The anti-spam solutions we provide flag emails and block ads to ensure that your employees don’t fall victim to malicious pop-ups or threatening emails.

Our spam solutions come with ‘safe browsing’ features that examine the destination of a URL to determine if it’s safe.

All our digital safety solutions form the core of your cyber defence plan as we ensure all-round safety of your IT environment on a technical and human level.

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