Connectivity and Networking

Future-proof your connectivity and networks – to help keep essential data flowing as it should

In today’s hybrid IT environments, network traffic is increasing all the time as organisations increasingly offer remote access and rely on cloud-based services.

This means it’s vital to future-proof your connectivity and networking, to help make sure your infrastructure keeps pace.

At Redpalm, we help you to achieve this – helping to improve performance and resilience, while supporting you on networking essentials such as internet lines, firewall configuration, and wireless.

Connectivity and networking: how we help

When you come to Redpalm for networking and connectivity services, we can help you to:

Future-proof performance
If your traffic grows faster than the capability of your network, performance can suffer. We can help you to future-proof your networking, for example by deploying a higher-bandwidth leased line.

Stay resilient
Over time, it’s vital to review the resilience of your network. What would happen if you lost a switch or part of your network? At Redpalm, we help you to understand your risks – and can advise whether it’s worth your while to add extra resilience for peace of mind.

Support wireless access
Wireless is something everyone takes for granted – until it doesn’t work as well as it should. We can help troubleshoot your Wi-Fi and help you configure it for greater stability or performance, as required.

If you’re looking to deploy a new wireless network, we can also perform a site survey to help design the right solution for you.

Configure firewalls
Firewalls are an important part of your network security – but you want to be sure they’re configured in a secure way. We’ll help you to configure firewalls correctly, locking down what needs to be locked down in order to increase the security of your environment.

Rely on Redpalm
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What is Connectivity and Networking?

Connectivity and networking allows you to access and share data across your company. This is achieved by connecting multiple parts of a network through switches, access points, routers and gateways.

Connectivity can be wire-based or wireless. In wire-based networks, information is transmitted over a wireline communication channel such as ethernet cables and fibre-optic cables.

With wireless connectivity, data transmission and telecommunication is carried out through electromagnetic waves that act as an invisible cable transmitting signals over the communication path.

To ensure a better connection, speed, security and reliability, you will need IT professionals to secure your data, devices and networks.

In today’s hybrid IT environment, cloud-based services have led to an increase in network traffic. If your company’s network isn’t able to keep up with the demand, your data will not move as smoothly as it should, and your organisation’s productivity will be affected.

At Redpalm, our IT support team can help you effectively future-proof your connectivity and networks. We can help you improve the performance and resilience of your networks like internet leased lines, switches, wireless, and firewall configuration.

The various network connectivity methods include:

  • Ethernet Cables
  • Leased Line Services
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Satellite

How to Improve Your Connectivity and Networking

If your organisation’s network is slow and unreliable, it can be incredibly frustrating and even damaging to your productivity. Your network traffic may lead to longer loading times for your files and cloud applications. This could negatively impact your user experience.

Whether you have leased line services or wireless connectivity, a reliable network is absolutely vital to ensure that your daily operations run smoothly without delays and interruptions.

Here are a few ways in which our IT experts can help you improve your connectivity and network performance.

1. Update Your Network

As your business grows, so will your network demand. If your network does not have the capacity to handle the increasing amount of applications and users, it may cause numerous issues that could affect your daily work.

That’s why you need to ensure that your network is replaced and upgraded as and when needed. You can swap out your old network for 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps connectivity or any other wired or wireless networks. The firmware also needs to be updated to ensure that it continues to run smoothly.

2. Protect Your Network

Some of the most common reasons for a slow network include malware, viruses and systems not being configured properly. These can severely damage your network and cause performance issues.

Network security is essential to help your business function efficiently. We can help you effectively configure your network firewalls to ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected from internal or external cyber threats.

3. Monitor Your Network Traffic

Companies often tend to transmit large amounts of data on a daily basis. In this case, bandwidth limitations could reduce your network speed and impact your productivity.

We can help you monitor and maintain your network to prevent bottlenecks and provide higher-bandwidth leased line services to future-proof your network.

Why Choose Redpalm for Networking and Connectivity Services?

At Redpalm, our IT experts understand the importance of a well-maintained network infrastructure. We can support you on a variety of networking essentials including firewalls, internet leased lines, wireless networks and more.

Our IT professionals can help you improve the capabilities of your network to ensure that your work performance does not suffer. We can also assist you in reviewing the resilience of your network and configuring firewalls to keep your IT environment secure.

With our expertise, we are dedicated to providing you with excellent connectivity and networking services to make sure that your business operates efficiently and smoothly.