Endpoint Management and Security

Protect your devices, services and networks with endpoint security, endpoint management and firewalls

Today’s hybrid IT environment is a complex arrangement of on-premises and cloud networks, with endpoints both inside and outside your organisation’s firewall.

But while that offers flexibility for users, it requires a structured approach to help secure it effectively.

At Redpalm, we offer a range of related services – including a comprehensive endpoint security service, a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, and procurement for firewalls and other security solutions – to help you stay on top of your hybrid security.

Endpoint and network security: services we can offer

We offer the following services to help you protect your networks and devices:

Endpoint security
Our endpoint security solution can not only block sophisticated threats on devices, but also remove them – and even roll back from ransomware by monitoring files that are being encrypted.

See also our proactive monitoring page to find out about our managed anti-virus (AV) service.

Endpoint management
As an IT team, an important part of security is to be able to manage your assets. At a basic level, you need to know what assets what you have; after this, you need to understand what’s on them, whether the OS is up to date, how they’re configured, and whether they’re securely patched.

Our Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) service helps you do this – automating deployments, patches and updates for both operating systems and applications, helping you to save time and manage the lifecycle of your assets.

Firewalls with Advanced Threat Protection
We offer firewalls with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – to stop threats at the perimeter of your network – while offering simplified dashboards and reports for quick information on issues and threats.

We can help you choose the right firewall (with the right licences) while at the same time configuring it and monitoring it. See our technology procurement page for more info on this.

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Understanding Endpoint and Network Security

Key Features

  • Data protection
  • Unified threat detection and response
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Cyberattack protection
  • Firewalls
  • Preventing unauthorised access
  • Real-time control of endpoint activities

In a world where data is one of the most valuable assets in an organisation, the need for preserving and protecting it becomes paramount. Businesses today stand to lose both in terms of reputation and financially due to loss of data, making it absolutely essential to acquire endpoint management and security services.

Out of the different cybersecurity practices necessary for the safety of your business, endpoint management and network security is amongst the most important. Moreover, alongside dealing with different types of endpoints, companies also have to adjust to BYOD policies and remote working. That’s why, to prevent a business from data breaches caused due to bad endpoint security you need our endpoint management and network services.

Endpoint management and network security use different strategies to protect and secure endpoints from unauthorised access and malicious attacks.

Using tools like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, anti-virus software, endpoint security solutions and encryption, we can help you manage your endpoint security better.

We ensure protection with a wide range of services like unified endpoint management, endpoint security, firewall protection, and all-round network security. Let us review  the benefits of our endpoint management and security services in depth.

Benefits of Endpoint and Network Security

1. Enhanced security 

Endpoint security provides your IT team with greater control over who can access your sensitive data and significantly helps reduce the risks of a data breach. Moreover, with automated tasks like application deployment, patching and anti-virus updates, we can use endpoint management to help reduce manual work and provide you with an automated security system. Additionally, our endpoint management services allow you to grant secure remote support to your personnel while still protecting you from security issues.

2. Enhanced visibility 

With our proactive monitoring, we can provide you with comprehensive visibility into your networks. This will not only help you improve performance and reduce  potential security threats sooner but also provide you with greater control over your devices.

3. Automate Processes and Increase Efficiency

By automating a variety of your IT processes, endpoint management can significantly enhance efficiency and reduce errors. Moreover, with our effective tools specially designed to enhance your IT team’s productivity, you can respond to issues quickly and get better results.

4. Cost savings 

Outsourcing endpoint management and network security allows your IT team to focus on the day-to-day business operations, while we handle the monitoring and security. This is further beneficial because, with Redpalm, you get the technical expertise and resources that aren’t easy to replicate in-house.

On the other hand, the negative impact data breaches can have on your organisation, the expenses post-disaster and the cost of allocating business resources to security issues can be massive. With the help of our cybersecurity services, you minimise the risk of a cyber attack, saving yourself and your team time and money.

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Now that you know why you need endpoint management and network security, it’s time you get in touch with us. With our highly-qualified IT professionals constantly working to protect your organisation from cyber threats, you can focus on growing your business.

What’s more, with our endpoint management services, you also get our IT support team and a dedicated point of contact always available to address your concerns and questions.

With our personalised service, professional tools, techniques and support, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands. To learn more about our services, click here or contact us now!