Email Phishing Campaigns

Educate and empower users to avoid threats, with realistic phishing campaigns and training

Phishing is a major source of cyber-attacks. So it’s vital that users can tell whether an email is legitimate – or whether it’s actually a security risk, designed as the first step of a cyber-attack.

That’s why we recommend running regular phishing ‘campaigns’ – to help find out how alert your team members are about phishing, and help them to identify fake emails in future.

We also offer training in identifying phishing emails – and in other ways that users can improve security.

Email phishing campaigns: the benefits to you

Educate and empower users
In a phishing campaign, we’ll send users realistic ‘phishing’-style emails that use tactics similar to those seen in real attacks. By doing this, we can identify which users open and click on phishing emails.

If a user does click, the system will automatically enrol them in training to help them spot and avoid phishing in future.

Spot social engineering
‘Social engineering’ can be an effective phishing tactic. A malicious actor may run a targeted campaign, using basic knowledge they may already have. Our simulated attacks can help prepare your organisation against this type of threat.

Act on genuine phishing attacks
At the same time as providing the campaign, we’ll supply users a button with which they can report suspected phishing attacks.

This gives positive feedback if they spot one of our realistic phishing-style campaigns – but also offers a way to send other emails to our engineers for analysis, helping to protect you.

Hand over the service to us
As this is a managed service, it’s something your IT team can hand over to us to handle – taking the pressure off stretched resources. We can also sit down regularly with you to report responses and track improvements.

Other user awareness training
As well as phishing training, we can provide other awareness training to help educate and empower users.

We can help train users on topics such as:

> What to disclose on social networks.
> How to keep wireless networks and home devices secure.
> How to improve identity security including both strong passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

This training is run by leading cyber-security consultants with real-world experience, including live demos to keep users engaged.

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