Hybrid IT

Trust Redpalm to assist you with your hybrid IT management – wherever your data is hosted and wherever your users are located

Hybrid IT services are now the norm for most organisations. While many value the benefits of cloud services – such as scalability, flexibility and rapid SaaS updates – many also value the peace of mind that comes from a local, on-premises data centre too.

Meanwhile, it’s also a hybrid world for many users, with employees often needing to access data remotely from home, take part in hybrid meetings, or use tablets to collaborate as they move around on site.

For the IT team, that creates challenges and opportunities. At Redpalm, we can help you with your hybrid IT management and approach – to support you wherever your data and users are.

Hybrid IT: how we can help

At Redpalm, we can help you to:

Develop your strategy
What’s the right balance between an on-premises environment and the cloud? What migrations do you need to plan for – and how will you adapt your approach to security and business continuity? We can help you plan, and offer a choice of platforms. See our cloud services for more.

Future-proof your infrastructure
Yes, your cloud environment is likely to be scalable – but is your physical infrastructure suited to the increased traffic, is it resilient, and is wireless stable? We can help you with all-important connectivity and networking.

Collaborate effectively
Is your organisation making the most of the collaboration tools which underpin either remote or on-site working? Can smart meeting rooms help? And is software configured securely to help reduce the risk of data leaks? Find out more about our collaboration services.

Relocate your office
Are you downsizing your offices in order to reflect the shift toward working from home – or moving to a larger site as a result of growth? We can project-manage your office or data centre relocation, aiming to minimise disruption and risk.

Protect hybrid networks
The complexity of today’s hybrid IT environment means there are endpoints both inside and outside your organisation’s firewall. We offer endpoint and network security to help protect networks and devices.

Achieve business continuity
Regardless of where your data is held or where your users are, you need effective backups and disaster recovery, for business continuity when something goes wrong. See our backup and DR services for more info.

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What is Hybrid IT Services / Hybrid Cloud?

Key Features:

  • Includes on-premises and cloud based infrastructure
  • Greater data efficiency
  •  Robust security
  • Improved day-to-day functioning
  • Improved flexibility
  • Suitable for many different businesses

No matter what your business does, your on-premise data centre, public and private cloud resources and workloads are tied together under common data management. Hybrid IT is the mix of two IT infrastructure platforms, known as on-premise and private / public clouds. This infrastructure enables your organisation to retain critical data while moving other applications to the cloud.

This allows your organisation to use both on-premise and cloud based services to access a pool of IT resources. A hybrid IT model allows organisations to achieve the flexibility and the security they need to meet the demands of their workforces. With a hybrid cloud, you leverage the benefits of both public and private clouds allowing you to take advantage of the existing architecture of your data centre.

With hybrid IT management, you will have greater security as well as faster access to your data when you need it.

Hybrid IT, also known as hybrid cloud, is rapidly becoming the preferred IT solution for small as well as large businesses.

Benefits of a Hybrid IT Infrastructure

With hybrid IT management, you get the best of both worlds. Hybrid IT is one of the most flexible and reliable approaches to your IT infrastructure. For example, you can continue to support legacy applications that cannot be easily migrated whilst ensuring your services are available through on-premise data centres. This can be done without missing out on the advantages of the wider availability provided by the cloud.

With the hybrid cloud you can easily standardise your IT service management and governance. This helps you take a strategic approach to your cloud computing, while enabling you to manage business critical applications and workloads.

With a hybrid IT infrastructure, you can also equip remote workers with the IT resources they need to get the job done.

Besides that, with hybrid IT infrastructure, it becomes much easier to seamlessly transfer data and workloads between cloud platforms.

With hybrid IT services, doing business becomes smooth and hassle-free. Contact us to discuss how you can adopt a hybrid IT approach for your business today!

Hybrid IT Solutions vs Traditional IT Platforms

Traditionally, before the cloud, businesses would rely on on-premise IT infrastructure. However, with the developments and benefits that hybrid IT services offer, it’s time to make the switch. Let us help you understand and compare how hybrid IT infrastructures can benefit your business.

Firstly, on-premise IT infrastructures often have rigid architecture. With hybrid IT management, you can improve your overall connectivity and networking. You can ensure that your business remains stable and resilient when faced with increased traffic or increased workload.

Hybrid IT setups are comparatively faster to launch and can enable your team to more effectively collaborate and communicate with each other. This means that your team can be more productive, whether at home or at the office.

With hybrid IT services at Redpalm, we will work with you to configure the right security policies to ensure that your business data remains safe.

To understand how your business can adopt a hybrid IT approach, contact us now!