Vulnerability Assessments

Discover and understand your security vulnerabilities, so that you can close gaps in your defences – with the help of a security consultant

As a responsible organisation, it’s important to maintain an understanding of where your security vulnerabilities are – so you can act on them quickly.

Our managed vulnerability assessment service helps you to do this. It takes the form of an automated solution which detects vulnerabilities – and the services of a consultant who can interpret the report and advise on next steps.

Checks are performed daily on client devices, and monthly on firewalls – with a monthly meeting to review results, highlight critical vulnerabilities and work out what remediation is required.

Vulnerability assessment: the benefits to you

Detect vulnerabilities
Our security vulnerability assessment service scans and identifies vulnerabilities with over 99.999% accuracy – and covers on-premise, cloud and remote endpoints.

Understand what to do next
As part of the comprehensive service, we offer advice and remediation options from our team of cyber-security specialists. With detailed cyber security audits and vulnerability testing, we let you know the next best steps.

There are regular reports for technical engineers and management, so everyone is clear where vulnerabilities exist and where remediation efforts need to be focused.

A step toward Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials demands that any known vulnerability classed as critical or high risk should be remediated within 14 days of a patch being released. This service helps focus your patching efforts so you can remain compliant.

Part of a range of assessments – including penetration testing

We offer our vulnerability assessment service as part of a range of security assessments – such as penetration testing, which you might run once or twice per year.

Penetration testing can help you understand how far a malicious actor could penetrate into your organisation. It can help “focus the mind” by enabling you to prioritise risks.

Vulnerability assessment, of course, helps make you aware of vulnerabilities which you may want to test more deeply using penetration testing.

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What are Security Vulnerability Assessments?

No matter what your business, you will be using operating systems and applications for your daily operations. You may also handle sensitive information that needs to be protected. However, without routine cyber security assessment, you can fall prey to software vulnerabilities that could be incredibly harmful to your business.

However, without a routine cyber security assessment, you can fall prey to software vulnerabilities that could be incredibly harmful to your business.

Regardless of what software you use, it’s likely to have bugs and flaws. These bugs have the potential of becoming exploitable vulnerabilities in your internal systems. They can easily place the usability as well as the overall security of your systems at risk. This is why you need vulnerability testing.

What vulnerability assessments do is find out exactly how vulnerable your systems are to a cyberattack. It involves the testing of your systems to generate a detailed vulnerability report, which can further be used to remediate the vulnerabilities and minimise the risk of security breaches and cyberattacks.

During a vulnerability analysis your systems are investigated to identify and assign score levels to all vulnerabilities that are found. It then tells you what the threat for this vulnerability is, how likely and what you can do in terms of remediation.

You can also look into important business elements like your network, web applications, IT devices and more to identify weak areas and provide the right solutions to fix them.

With our vulnerability testing and IT security audits, you will be able to identify, analyse and categorise security vulnerabilities in operating systems, business applications, endpoint devices, browsers and more.

Along with our remediation plan and strategies, we can assist you with the reconfiguration of your networks, operating systems and applications to keep your business as secure as possible.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

A simple way to understand the difference between a vulnerability analysis and penetration testing is to assess how heavy the tests are. A vulnerability analysis is automated, which means that a tool such as a scanner generates an in-depth vulnerability report.

Penetration testing, however, is done manually and relies on whoever conducts the test to identify the vulnerabilities within your systems. If you want the best results, you should combine automated vulnerability testing with manual penetration testing for overall system protection.

With our IT security audit services, you will be able to get the benefits of both. This will ensure that the cyber security assessment and cyber security audit are conducted thoroughly and that your systems are secure.

Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis and a thorough test of your business systems. We not only provide you with a detailed overview of your system vulnerabilities but also assist you with generating the right solutions to prevent any security breaches.

We take pride in offering expert IT security audits and cyber security assessments that can minimise the risk for your business.

With Redpam, all you need to do is sit back, relax and watch the magic happen.

Why Choose Redpalm

At Redpalm, we understand the urgency and importance of conducting in-depth security checks to minimise threats and other risks. This is why our experts, who know the ins and outs of vulnerability assessments, can assist you in providing maximum security to your business.

We understand the urgency and importance of conducting in-depth IT security audits and checks to ensure that there are no threats to your company. This is why our experts, who know the ins and outs of vulnerability assessments, can assist you in providing maximum security to your business.

Moreover, with our experience in working with a broad range of industries, we can work with all kinds of systems and infrastructures, no matter how large.

With services like hybrid IT, cybersecurity, technology procurement and more, we can look after all of your business needs.

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