Incident Response

Facing a cyber-attack? Don’t panic. We can help you to respond to a developing cyber-security incident, helping contain the threat and avoid making things worse

When you’re the victim of a cyber-attack, it can be a frightening and difficult time.

And while an incident is in progress, it can be all too easy to act rashly and make things worse than they might have been.

So whether you’re the victim of ransomware or you’re concerned about data that’s been compromised or lost, please don’t panic.

Instead, call Redpalm – because it’s better to follow expert advice than struggle on alone and get things wrong.

Please don’t feel embarrassed to call. We’ll walk you through what to do and what not to do right now, to avoid making things worse – and provide access to the digital forensics you need, to help contain the threat and reduce the risk of a repeat.

For incident response, call Redpalm on 0333 006 3366

Incident response: the benefits

Our security incident response service can help you to:

Make the right decisions now – for better outcomes later
When you call us about a security incident, we’ll give you immediate advice on what to do in the early stages of an attack.

Of course, in the event of an attack, some business impact may be unavoidable – but by following our advice you can sidestep common mistakes at the start.

Access the digital forensics you need
If you’re under attack, we’ll get you access to a digital forensics specialist as quickly as we can, to try to understand what’s happened and the type of threat you’re facing.

Going forward, a forensics specialist can then confirm what’s happening, with a view to containing the threat and reducing the risk of it happening again.

The work includes examining system data, user activity and other digital evidence, while collecting and preserving the evidence that’s needed.

Reduce the risk of a repeat
Once you know how the threat came on to your network, you can address the issue and reduce the risk of it happening again. The forensics report will detail the event, including how the cyber-attack started in the first place – and we can advise on further measures.

Rely on Redpalm
At Redpalm, we pride ourselves on our security expertise and our friendly, personal service. Please get in touch to find out more.

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