Identity and Access Management

Manage user identities effectively – while enabling multi-factor authentication to improve user security

In today’s IT environment, you want to enable remote access to internet-facing, cloud-based applications – so users can do their job effectively from any location.

But it’s important to manage that access effectively, so you can protect user accounts, make sure people have the right access permissions, and improve the sign-in experience.

A vital part of that is to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA). This can help mitigate common vulnerabilities such as compromised credentials and weak user passwords.

We offer an identity and access management (IAM) service which can help.

Identity and access management: the benefits to you

Manage user credentials
IAM helps you manage users’ credentials and know people are who they say they are. Easily manage who leaves and joins an organisation, so people only use valid credentials to access your systems.

Protect user accounts
MFA provides an extra layer of defence to both user and admin accounts, mitigating vulnerabilities that may arise from compromised credentials. That way, you reduce your reliance on passwords as a means of authentication.

Improve user experience
You want user logins to be secure, but you also want them to be seamless. When you adopt single sign-on (SSO), users don’t have to remember passwords after their first session login, as long as they’ve authenticated via MFA.

Adapt to local needs
The IAM solution we use helps you adapt to your needs. You can still choose hardware authentication tokens if you need them – for example, if users are prohibited from bringing devices to work, or don’t want to put business apps on their personal phones.

Rely on Redpalm
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