Work productively as a team – by investing in tools which help you to share, communicate and work together

For team members to be productive, it’s vital that they can work together seamlessly but also securely, wherever they are based.

Whether they’re at home, on site, or travelling from place to place, you want them to be able to share, communicate and work together, in real time and with access to the documents they need.

At Redpalm, we help you to deploy and manage your collaboration tools, to help make this happen. At the same time, we’ll help implement and configure the security policies to minimise the risk of data leaks.

Collaboration tools and services: how we help

At Redpalm, we help you to:

Make the most of collaboration tools
Even the smartest tools are no good if users aren’t aware of the features – and how to use them. We help to understand what Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and other collaboration tools can do – and deploy them to help people get the job done.

Make meetings smarter
Microsoft Teams helps people work together effectively, even within the office. We can help you deploy smart meeting rooms featuring fully integrated booking systems, where users can connect seamlessly to a call.

Link Teams to the phone network
Do you want to make calls only to other Teams users, or use it to call numbers on the public telephone network? We can help you to set Teams up in this way, including handling billing via Microsoft or one of its billing integration partners.

We can also provide Teams-compatible handsets to reception-based staff.

Put security policies in place
Collaboration and sharing comes with a risk of data getting into the wrong hands. So we help you to configure your technical security policies appropriately, to help reduce the risk of data leaks.

Manage Microsoft 365 licensing
Seen as a whole, Microsoft 365 is one of the most powerful collaboration tools of all. But do you know what you’re paying for and what your licence includes? We’ll help you get value for the money you’re spending, and can provide licences.

Rely on Redpalm
At Redpalm, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and our friendly, personal service. Please get in touch to find out more.

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Why You Need Redpalm’s Collaboration Services

Redpalm can provide your employees with the platform they need to work at their full potential. Any team requires proper tools and communication to work effectively together.

Our collaboration tools ensure that you don’t have to worry about data leaks while working with your team. Here are some additional reasons why it’s wise to invest in our IT collaboration services.

Saves Time 

Time plays a crucial role in any industry, and the time you save can help increase team productivity. When employees receive the necessary tools they need to collaborate with others, they can get tasks done quickly and efficiently.

We offer a range of applications as part of our IT collaboration services. This makes tasks easier and more convenient, saving your business precious time.

Strengthen Team Relationships

Collaboration is often at the heart of productivity. Due to this, your employees need to build effective working relationships with each other. Our business collaboration tools make it simple for people to communicate and work together.

Our IT collaboration services make it comfortable for people to work effectively and talk with each other easily. If you’re looking to build a healthy team culture, our IT collaboration services can assist you towards that goal.

Improved Management

Managing projects and teams is no easy task. You need to make sure that everything is working effectively and that everything gets done. Our IT collaboration tools make it easier for you to manage your business effectively.

Collaboration tools make the management process more streamlined and straightforward. Our IT collaboration services can provide your business with a platform to communicate and avoid confusion.

Easier to Organise 

If you’re spending too much time tracking down relevant information, your business may be lacking in organising their tasks. It wastes time and can make you and your team less productive. Businesses must strive to organise data and information properly for team members to be more productive while working.

Our IT collaboration services help you become more organised and efficient. We can provide tools that can help you with proper data structure and clear communication to avoid any issues with the organisation.

Ability to Track Tasks

As a business, you need to be up-to-date with the progress made by your team on certain tasks.

With our IT collaboration services, it becomes more straightforward for you and your team to track tasks in real time. These tools allow you to get updates on tasks whenever you need them, keeping everyone in the loop.

Enhanced Security

When looking for collaboration tools, it’s crucial to ensure that your data remains safe while working. Without adequate security, hackers and other cyber threats can gain control over your systems which presents a serious threat to your business.

Our IT collaboration services ensure that you get the best tools to keep your data safe whilst your employees carry out their tasks. The software we provide features secure data storage, encryption and muiti-factor authentication to maximise security.

This allows you to store and share sensitive information with your team securely.

Why Rely on Redpalm for Collaboration?

At Redpalm, our experienced team of professionals believe that you need the right equipment and tools to collaborate effectively. We understand every business has different needs and our team is here to help.

By partnering with us, we can provide you with the best collaboration solutions for your business. The collaboration services we offer provide efficiency and security to help you work with a piece of mind.

To learn more, get in touch with us today and we can choose the best plan for your business!