Unified Endpoint Management

If your business has been struggling to manage too many devices and user profiles, it is time to establish some control and streamline your processes with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM).

With our endpoint device management suite, you can integrate workspace management, take care of increasing user expectations and make your management processes easier and more accessible.

With Redpalm, you receive an endpoint manager that is not only reliable but also centralised. You gain access to a complete inventory of everything that touches your business network as you reduce the various issues associated with update cycles and login performances across your company.

With the help of our UEM suite, you can integrate all business actions within a single dashboard.

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Do We Need a Unified Endpoint Management Solution?

If you work within a business environment that manages hundreds or thousands of individual devices - from smartphones to laptops, a UEM solution could save you huge parts of your IT budget and hundreds of personnel hours.

UEM allows you to:

  • Remotely and securely manage thousands of devices
  • Remotely deploy configured software
  • Push software patch updates automatically and simultaneously across your network
  • Remotely deploy standard configurations across your different builds and devices
  • Secure your network against external threats with compliance scans

With UEM solutions to suit businesses from 100 – 10,000 user endpoints, Redpalm have years of experience implementing, training and refining endpoint management to ensure maximum efficiency within your IT department. Working with NHS Trusts, charities and corporations, talk to us today about your IT pain points.

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IT Automation at Its Best

Even with the most basic endpoint management, you can considerably reduce the workload that your IT department deals with. As a business, you stand to make savings of up to 85% on your time and resources. You can also save on your IT budget as you automate routine tasks with the help of UEM.

When unified endpoint management is natively integrated within a single suite, it gives you the freedom to manage all types of devices simultaneously.

This means that a standard user interface and structure is maintained across devices, with a single database. It bridges the gap between daily business operations and implementations.


Deal With Endpoint Management Challenges

The number of endpoints linked within your business network has likely increased significantly, courtesy of an increase in remote working, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and internet of things (IoT) technologies. It can be quite overwhelming to keep track of all these endpoints and assets if you are relying on manual systems or single-point solutions.

With unified endpoint device management, you can control all the devices connected to your network as you automate routine tasks with endpoint management.

Given the sheer volume of digital threats that your business is exposed to on a daily basis, you will have peace of mind knowing that your network is safe and secure from cyber attacks and criminals. This comes from UEM’s integrated patch manager, allowing you to keep all software across your network updated with the click of a button, which in turn prevents would-be hackers from being able to exploit vulnerabilities in old software versions.

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What does this button do again?

We all get excited about new technology. Most IT consultancy companies do good installations, creating a real buzz about your new investment. But afterwards, they disappear, leaving you scratching your head as to which bit does what and why. We don’t do that. We provide training that sticks and support that lasts, so you’ll always know precisely what that button does.

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Benefit from Endpoint Visibility In Your Network

Today, business networks are connected to an increasing number of devices and platforms. This can make it difficult to determine the exact number of IT assets that have access to your network.

With our UEM solutions, you can eliminate the guesswork from the process as you streamline and automate your IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM). This way you know who’s connected to your network at all times, irrespective of the OS or device being used.

With Redpalm’s UEM solutions, you can monitor the influx of devices connected as you view and manage all assets using one single solution. This way, you will be more than prepared to manage endpoint growth in the future.


Asset Inventory Integration

With endpoint device management solutions, you gain complete visibility and control over the endpoints connected to your network. This gives you the ability to secure loose ends and avoid malicious digital threats from devices that are not secure. You can identify and log all the devices connected and create an inventory using automated network discovery.

Right from deployment to retirement, you can automate every aspect of inventory asset management. This includes tracking, reconciliation, asset audits and compliance within a single management suite.

You can reduce business costs automatically by gathering information related to warranty for all your systems and devices straight into your asset inventory. This way you can avoid maintenance costs resulting from post-warranty issues.


Mobile Device Management

You need to stay prepared as new mobile and IoT devices become a part of your business network. Using our UEM solutions, you can proactively manage your inventory and secure mobile devices that are owned by both the business and employees, in the same way, traditional endpoints are linked to your network. The mobile device management solutions we have in place makes enrolling of devices and collecting inventory information far more streamlined.

Our UEM solutions use an extensive set of features that include everything from resetting passwords to wiping off data from stolen devices. Our endpoint device management helps mitigate risks, safeguard your network from loss of data, breaches and intrusion.


Imaging of the Operating System and Deployment

As the number of assets connected to your network grows, you don’t need to worry about individually re-imaging each device. You can save a considerable amount of time with the automated OS provisioning capabilities of our UEM solutions, across multiple operating systems. This also includes IT maintenance and streamlined disk imaging.

For large-scale provisioning tasks, you can benefit from accelerated image deployments, smooth Windows migration along with user state migration. All these tasks can be performed from an intuitive interface that’s easy to use with built-in reporting features and automated maintenance.

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Simple and Effective Endpoint Security

Businesses across almost every industry have experienced an increased number of cyber attacks, which means network security is as important as ever. As technology continues to evolve, cyber criminals also evolve, exploiting vulnerabilities in old software and even developing ways to infiltrate new programs.

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to adopt robust endpoint security measures to avoid unwanted and malicious network breaches.

With our unified endpoint management solutions, security patching and imaging can be easily automated by one of the largest industry patch libraries. Our UEM solutions allow you to easily weed out vulnerabilities in your network and minimise data theft and malware infection.

With our unified managed solutions, you can ensure that all your employees have the correct levels of access and their endpoint is secure.


Endpoint Security with Redpalm’s UEM

With our endpoint management solutions, you can protect all your endpoints from a wide range of digital threats which includes unpatched applications and operating systems, faulty security configurations, out-of-date software and more.


Inventory Management and Distribution of Antivirus Software

For greater network visibility, making the most of automation features is essential. Automate hardware and software inventory to stay on top of your system needs. This way, you’ll know which systems need licenses, updates and software installations or removals.

You can reduce the workload of your IT department by taking care of software distribution and upgrade computers and servers across locations automatically.

Carry out software deployment that’s in alignment with your business structure and user schedules by easily integrating with Active Directory and/or LDAP.


Extensive Patch Management and Vulnerability Scanning

To ensure that all your operating systems and frequently-used third-party vendor applications are up to date and patched, you need to employ single patch management solutions. You will save resources and IT infrastructure costs with the help of this highly versatile UEM solution.

You can use robust security audits to identify vulnerabilities and weak links in your IT environment. Discover which systems aren’t in compliance with your configuration and security policies to further safeguard your business network.

For all Windows systems, you can employ Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) scanning to secure any loose ends.


Privilege Management and Access

With endpoint device management solutions, you can significantly reduce the risk of malware being downloaded and business data leaving your organisation by ensuring that all your employees have the correct administration access including restricting endpoint ports.

Dynamically manage and provision operating systems to guard endpoint devices including USB ports. Check the security of your network by running applications in the least-privileged environment and safeguard business data and functions minimising the chance of breaches and intrusions.

Partner with Redpalm to optimise user productivity and business security while saving IT resources.

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Lessen Endpoint Management Complexity and Compliance Costs

With Redpalm, your unified endpoint management and compliance is automatic as we efficiently trace, meter and issue software licences. Maintain a record of software licenses to avoid potential fines due to under-licensing.

At the same time, you can ensure that you are not over-licensing your endpoints and misspending valuable IT budget and resources.

What’s more, you will be able to do away with manual processes that are time-consuming as we help you issue software licenses remotely across locations with a single central solution. Additionally, you can easily manage software inventory, optimisation and reporting with the help of UEM’s multifaceted capabilities.


Software Inventory Management with UEM

For an uninterrupted workflow, employ UEM’s capabilities to add comprehensive and detailed software inventory to your system. We can help you keep track of your software licenses and compliance with our application catalogues helping standardise application names, versions, variations and publisher names across networks.

Remove security threats and productivity issues by identifying, blacklisting and uninstalling applications that threaten network security.


Software Metering and Monitoring

To help ensure that you make the most of underutilised and unused applications, we engage software asset management (SAM) features as a part of our endpoint management solutions. At the same time, we ensure that you get a better deal when negotiating the purchase of application licenses for known quantities in bulk, with proper visibility and end-of-life dates.

You can uninstall software no longer in use remotely from all your endpoints and transfer it’s license to users who need them, or you can simply eliminate those licenses from your vendor purchase agreement.

This will ensure that your business remains compliant to license agreements while saving IT budget and resources. Furthermore, using comprehensive reporting, you can address the need for proof required to stay compliant.


Easy Software Distribution

With UEM, you can automate the remote installation, distribution and maintenance of applications, software and other digital assets. This eliminates the need to travel to multiple locations as your technicians individually visit desk sides to perform various IT functions.

Automation can be performed across servers and computers including Windows, Mac and Linux.

With UEM, remote replication is easy to establish and maintain. This significantly reduces the cost and complications involved with software distribution across multiple locations.

With timely software deployment and updates, you can keep disruptions to a bare minimum encouraging user productivity. Moreover, you will know beforehand which systems are targeted for software deployment so preparations can be made in advance to prevent disruption to your operation.


Desktop and Mobile Device Management with UEM

Redpalm has a unified endpoint management solution that helps manage laptops, servers, desktops, tablets, smartphones from one dedicated central location. With the ability to manage hundreds or even thousands of endpoints remotely, you can save yourself and your team hundreds of hours.

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Why Choose Redpalm for Unified Endpoint Management?

When you choose Redpalm as your dedicated partner for Unified Endpoint Management, you won’t have to worry about the safety and security of your IT environment.

With our all-inclusive and unified solutions, you can manage multiple mobile devices by deploying a number of policies and profiles and configure email accounts on endpoints connected to your network.

Furthermore, you can setup WiFi and VPN for all connected endpoints and establish restrictions on browser and camera usage. You monitor all Windows, iOS and Android devices like tablets and smartphones and enable passcodes with lock and slide features remotely.

With our UEM suite, you will be in total control of your business environment as we take away the majority of your IT workload.


Reliable IT Automation with Redpalm

With our bespoke UEM solutions, you can automate routine tasks with absolute ease. You ensure uniformity in the operation of all connected devices across the network, making your processes far more refined. Routine tasks like installation of applications and software, patch management, implementation of security standards and processes are taken care of automatically.

With an automated business environment, you eliminate the scope and instances of error. This way you maintain a comprehensive and uninterrupted workflow, where all devices are kept with the most up to date software.

Simply put, our UEM solutions give you the freedom to play to your strengths while maintaining the highest level of efficiency across your business.

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