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How To Create and Embrace a Robust Cloud Strategy

With increasing dependence on digitalisation, having a robust cloud strategy has now become essential for businesses. Many organisational decisions and plans now revolve around cloud integration and how it can benefit your business moving into the future. Moving to the cloud is more a question of “when” and “how” rather than “if”.
Embracing the cloud gives businesses the ability to scale in terms of innovation and growth, which means you have a competitive edge in your business niche. However, moving your entire business operation to the cloud is easier said than done. There are various nuances to this shift, which is why as the decision-maker, you need to consider all your options.
To help you plan better, at Redpalm we have put together a plan that will assist you in creating and embracing a robust cloud strategy.
Let’s take a look!

Consider What Your Business Objectives Are in the Long Run

If you are planning to move to the cloud, you need to have a clear understanding of your long term business goals. You need to consider whether you have the necessary resources, IT assets and infrastructure that is required to achieve what you need. Creating an IT cloud strategy for the short-term can prove to be time-consuming and expensive. This is why you need to see the bigger picture and plan accordingly. 
While your cloud strategy should be able to take care of your immediate needs. It must be flexible enough to adapt to rapid changes in the business environment. It should have the ability to keep up with the constantly evolving technology trends and business requirements. 
There are several ways to integrate cloud computing solutions into your business. Each cloud solution has its own set of best practices, features and key considerations, like the Microsoft CSP for instance. Ensuring that these are in line with your business objectives is integral for a successful cloud strategy. 

Consider The Type Of Cloud Integration Suitable for Your Business

When speaking about ‘the cloud’, we always assume that there’s only one cloud, however as you start exploring your options, you’ll see that there’s far more to it. There are certain types of cloud options available with different capabilities and features. As a business, it will be your responsibility to choose which option is the most suitable for requirements.
Generally, there are three options you can choose from:

Private Cloud 

Cloud technologies are hosted on-premise on a data centre. You can choose this option if your data or applications cannot be moved from your business premises. 

Public Cloud 

Compared to private cloud, a public cloud is more cost-effective and lean to manage. Popular cloud vendors have data centres located in multiple locations meaning you can benefit from excellent backup solutions, IT disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Hybrid Cloud 

Put simply, this option is an amalgamation of private and public cloud integrations. You can keep certain applications on-premise whilst shifting others off-premise into the public cloud. Many businesses choose a multi-cloud strategy that leverages the best of both options. 

Optimise and Streamline Your Costs With A Robust Cloud Strategy

One of the primary reasons that businesses gravitate towards the cloud is the significant reduction in their IT expenditures. With cloud solutions that Redpalm offers, you only pay for what you use and based on your operational demand and bespoke requirements, you can scale this up or down. 
By implementing a robust cloud IT strategy, you will save your business money in terms of hardware, software and other resources. This is mainly because you end up using comparatively fewer physical resources with less hardware and manpower to maintain your IT environment. 
For robust and all-round cloud management, it is best to partner with managed services providers at Redpalm. With us working by your side, you won’t need to maintain a separate storage space, server, network and other virtual options. 
With our managed IT expertise, you can scale your business while fortifying your cloud infrastructure even further. 

Advantages of Having a Robust Cloud Strategy for Your Business

From reducing the cost of owning technological infrastructure to enhancing your company’s ability to make the most of market opportunities, cloud computing solutions can help you reap a number of benefits. 
It’s important that you identify, understand and acknowledge these benefits beforehand to plan a robust cloud strategy and implement it better.
Here are some key benefits of leveraging Redpalm’s expertise as your dedicated cloud partner:

Improved Efficiency

By assisting you to migrate to the cloud, we can help your in-house IT department divert their focus and attention away from fire fighting to fire prevention. This means that they will spend less time trying to fix routine IT issues and pay m0re attention to business-critical technical tasks that improve business performance and productivity while streamlining work processes. 
You can leave the fire fighting aspect to us as we patch your IT environment and strengthen your cyber security

Better Scope for Business Scalability

With cloud solutions, your IT systems and infrastructure work around your requirements with no limitations or rigidity. If you want, you can expand your business operations digitally and your team can benefit from quicker and enhanced rollouts of applications. 
Cloud applications give you the liberty to work from any remote location from virtually anywhere over any device. To ensure the security of business environments, we offer unified endpoint management solutions that enable you to keep track of all the devices that are connected over your IT network. 

Enhanced Network Protection

Automation and infrastructure management are easier with cloud integrations. This means improved cyber security with a safer, more secure and reliable IT infrastructure. What’s more, with our 24/7/365 network monitoring, your business will have more options for data backup, duplication and recovery!

Call Redpalm to Create a Robust Cloud Strategy

For your cloud migration to be successful, you need a thorough and well-planned cloud strategy. Here, leveraging our expertise to improve your IT infrastructure will be useful as we work with you to weigh all your options while taking into consideration all the pros and cons that are bespoke to your business. 
Having a robust cloud strategy supporting your business means you will have better outputs, improved communication and operational flexibility across your IT network.
Book your IT consultation with us today to scale your business and improve your bottom line!