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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Overview – Redpalm

“Cloud” is no longer just a buzzword!
In fact, it has become the primary method of conducting business for the majority of industries.
Additionally, cloud computing solutions are revolutionising the profitability dynamics for system integrators (SI), managed services providers (MSP), and IT distributors by transforming their IT expense from capital to on-demand operating expenditure. 
What’s more, the market expenses for cloud services is expected to surpass £400 billion by 2023. Given that so many people are working from home, it’s quite possible that these stats have already been reached.
The question is, what’s the best way for businesses to channel this powerful emerging growth tool?
To answer your question in 3 words – Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)!
There’s a lot to take in, which is why our experts at Redpalm have put together this guide to explain how Microsoft’s CSP model can benefit your business.
Let’s dive in.

What is Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)?

Microsoft CSP is a new licencing model offered by Microsoft that puts an end to the many frustrations and restrictions that are deep-rooted in their previous licencing models.
Moreover, the CSP model is designed to add value to your cloud experience through billing flexibility, meaning you no longer have to pay for licenses that aren’t being used. Simply put, you receive a pay-as-you-go arrangement for all your licenses.
With this model, you gain access to dedicated pricing and support services that aren’t offered to businesses who license directly from Microsoft.
To find out more about Microsoft CSP and how it could work within your business, you can call our team of experts on 0333 006 3366 or drop an email on

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Model?

There are numerous benefits of leveraging Microsoft CSP, but here are some of the most important ones:


With Microsoft CSP, you have the ability to alter your licenses for a specific product whenever you want to. On top of that, you no longer have to sign up for a 12-month contract for your licenses.
For example, if you have employed 20 temporary staff for a specific project, then you can easily step up the number of O365 E3 licenses for a couple of weeks and drop it again at the end of that project. 
You will also only be paying for the time period that you used the license for, instead of paying for an entire year – which is often the case with direct license models.


Using a Cloud Solution Provider is typically the most cost-effective licencing model for your business, as you only have to pay for licenses that have been used.
Our partners that are making the shift to Microsoft CSP are finding they’re saving 5% to 10% on their overall O365 licencing costs, making it a must-have.

Ease of Use

Using this new licencing model, you can easily integrate more products.
Put simply, the CSP marketplace allows you to shop a list of licenses and products that are currently available and embed them into your tenant from a central location. This list covers everything from typical O365 licencing models to dynamics BI (Business Intelligence), all the way through to new products like PaaS offerings.

More Than O365

Microsoft CSP is not only limited to licencing cloud solutions like Azure and Office 365 but can be leveraged to license on-premise products from Windows Server and Windows 10 to solutions like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server.

Local Support

With this licencing model, you receive complete access to additional authorised Microsoft support teams.
The team had resolved more than 81% of support tickets without having to interact with Microsoft in 2019, accelerating the resolution of any queries or problems you may have.

Strong SLAs

Through Microsoft CSP, you gain access to robust SLAs (service level agreement) defining the essential features of the service such as quality, availability, and responsibility of the service provider.

Redpalm As Your Dedicated MSP for Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

At Redpalm, our IT experts are qualified as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) with hands-on experience in software asset management and licencing. This means you’ll receive the best and most useful advice every step of the way!
If you’re open to comparing costs of the new Microsoft CSP licencing model or wish to find out more about it then contact our team today!