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The Importance of Managed Services for Your Business

Why Your Business Needs a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Data is the lifeblood of almost every business operation. However, with technology rapidly changing, your company’s IT requirements are also evolving. Moreover, the increase in cybersecurity threats on our data has the potential to disarm your operation, which is why you need a concrete technical solution.
This is the goal of a managed IT services provider (or MSP): to optimise and protect your day to day operations.
Not only can a managed partner help you streamline your business processes, but also efficiently manage security threats and other data-related issues.
Irrespective of your current IT infrastructure, a dedicated MSP such as Redpalm will have the required skill sets and experience to handle your end-to-end processes. This is why more and more business owners are opting for a managed IT solution.
What benefits can you reap from these services? Here we take a look at the top ways we can provide value to almost any business.

Reliable and Efficient IT Functions

This is the most obvious reason why businesses are partnering with managed service providers.
Companies often suffer from absence of skilled and experienced employees who can successfully manage end-to-end IT functions on their own.
It’s because of this skills shortage that rather than risk making a poor internal hire, businesses look for trusted partners who can manage the process for them.
Redpalm’s solutions not only resolve any technical concerns or issues, but also allow you complete access to advanced technology and solutions. This helps you maximise your profitability and reduce your downtime.
These advanced technologies offer benefits such as:

With these technologies at your disposal, you can build a dependable and reliable IT infrastructure for your company, overcome labour restraints, and keep your in-house IT team working at peak efficiency.
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Improved Compliance and Security

Nowadays, several different versions of various technologies are being used to store and transfer data, including operating systems, smartphones, servers, etc. Since data is constantly being gathered and transferred via these platforms, their security becomes extremely important.
Many business owners are constantly worried that their data will fall prey to cyber-attacks.
However, with Redpalm as your dedicated managed service provider, you will not only be informed about any potential threats but will be offered the best compliance and security practices, along with various procedures and protocols that will safeguard your processes.

A Dynamic Approach Towards Maintenance

This is another major advantage of having a managed services provider working alongside your business processes.
As a business owner, you may not have the time to focus on your company’s IT infrastructure or worry about the speed of your network. By partnering with Redpalm’s professional and experience team you ensure that these concerns are addressed as they arise.
With managed IT support, bugs and other day to day issues can also be remediated well before they become a grave concern.

Improved Return on Investment

With Redpalm as your managed service provider, you will be reducing your downtime which in turn will reduce your expenses as you optimise your business activities.
With IT solutions that are efficient, safe and secure, work processes will be smooth and uninterrupted. For this reason alone, having a managed service provider is well worth the investment.
From a business perspective, there is a wealth of advantages that you can tap into as you control your overhead costs and boost your ROI.
Without an MSP, common IT expenses you’re likely to incur are:

  • Network and Software Infrastructure
  • Hardware Expenses
  • High IT Labour Expenses
  • Maintenance Expenses

With a managed service provider, you have the potential to reduce these costs further. On top of that, you benefit from using up to date technologies and software that will further add to your business’s ROI.
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Allow Internal Staff to Focus on Tactical Projects

When you choose managed IT services, you allow your in-house staff to focus on tasks and projects with state of the art IT solutions, without having to worry about the technicalities involved. This helps improve the overall productivity of your business and lets you concentrate on strategic planning. It also boosts your IT budget along with an impressive return on investment.
As managed services providers, we take care of the majority of your IT responsibilities. By bridging this gap, we not only take the entire stress off your shoulders but offer customised solutions whenever required, whilst also fully integrating into your existing team and processes.

Managed IT Services at Redpalm

Being a managed service provider, we ensure that as our client, you are fully aware and taking advantage of all we can offer. By analysing and understanding your specific business needs we offer the necessary technical support as our team delivers tailor-made solutions that meet with your expectations.

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