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Top 6 Benefits of Cloud Storage Security

As an increasing number of businesses move their data online, cloud storage has gained increased exposure and prominence. 

For many IT professionals, cloud solutions have become the holy grail of business and project management.

Owing to the popularity of these solutions, there’s an increasing demand for cloud storage security to protect business functions and networks. Due to the integral part they play in business operations, it’s not surprising that these solutions are here to stay.

With many businesses embracing working from home, cloud storage and cloud storage security have become overwhelmingly popular.

Since cloud use is on the rise, it’s crucial for IT managers and professionals to take the necessary measures to secure their business network over the cloud.

At Redpalm, we have put together our list of benefits of using a well-protected cloud storage security solution as part of the managed services we offer!

Let’s dive in and see what cloud storage security is all about.

What is Cloud Storage Security?

By using cloud-based solutions to store business data, you’re storing data on servers accessible from anywhere in the world. This means your internet security must be air-tight to protect information crucial to your business. 

Instead of saving data on local hard drives, with cloud storage security, you’re storing data on servers in the “cloud” or part of a much larger network of servers. External data centres manage these servers to ensure that the information you store is safe, secure and accessible when you need it.

Organisations choose cloud storage security to take advantage of a host of benefits. If your business has high costs of storing data, then cloud storage could help you significantly. Moreover, IT specialists regard cloud solutions as the best way to store sensitive business information safely.

Whenever accessing files stored remotely, you are accessing the information via the cloud. A prime example would be your email. Most users don’t bother saving emails to their devices because it’s connected over the internet and can be accessed from virtually anywhere, on any device. The same principles apply to cloud storage security but with files rather than emails.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage Security

1. Easy Accessibility

With cloud storage, there’s more room for you to be efficient with your business functions.

The days of users sending bulky email attachments or manually uploading files to a system are passing us by. Cloud storage security solutions are saving businesses time and money by avoiding problems associated with manual systems and instead simply sharing links.

You won’t have to worry about syncing devices, as all your information is stored in one central location and accessible from virtually anywhere. This means you don’t need a dedicated server to stay connected while being free to use any device you want.

The advantage of cloud storage is that it’s extremely convenient for employees and executives who spend time away from the workplace. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling, attending meetings or working remotely as files can be easily accessed on the go.

This is one of the primary reasons why so many businesses are switching to cloud solutions. Additionally, some cloud storage systems allow collaboration in real time meaning more than one person can work on a file and make changes at the same time. This is perfect for collaborating teams making project management far simpler and more efficient.

2. Data Encryption

You can add another layer of protection to your cloud storage security as you encrypt your files either before or after sending them. There are multiple options for increased cloud storage security that include Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) amongst others.

These secure sign-in options mean that your data can only be accessed by the people you allow, warding off intruders and preventing data breaches. These secure cloud storage sign-in options continue protecting your files and data even if your device is stolen.

With cloud storage security, you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen or security being compromised.

3. Secure Backups

Storing all your important business data on one server is extremely high risk. If, for whatever reason, your server collapses, you stand the risk of losing everything almost instantly.

How does cloud storage security work here? Even if you don’t use cloud-based solutions primarily for storage, you can use it as a secondary means to store copies of files in case you need a backup.

If you use cloud storage already, you won’t have to worry about backing up anything manually. The system will automatically replicate and sync all your files across devices making it a straightforward and hassle-free process.

Cloud-based solutions are replicated across many servers, ensuring that you always have a copy when you need it. If one of the cloud servers crashes, your data remains protected and safe as it has been replicated across multiple other locations.

4. Data Protection

Storing important data on a cloud storage system provides additional protection from data loss and hackers. A data hack could be devastating for your business which is why you need to stay ahead and prepare in case your business suffers from a cyber attack

Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to hackers with well-known corporations falling prey to cyber attacks, including LinkedIn and Sony. As a result of these cyber attacks, each of these companies’ reputations took a hit.

You need to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer the same fate. Take proper cloud storage security measures to carefully back up business data and test your existing data security measures to check the robustness of your IT environment.

Hacking isn’t your only concern though. Your business could suffer from loss of data due to human error or a failure of your central server. Cloud storage plays a vital role in preventing these issues for businesses across the world.

Additionally, working alongside a managed service provider or MSP like Redpalm will help you make your IT environment more secure.

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5. Save Money

Cloud storage is not only secure and safe but is also very cost-efficient. If not for this advantage of cloud storage security, you’d end up spending money on purchasing, installing and maintaining privately owned servers. On top of this, you will also have to consider the manpower required to keep the servers up and running.

Switching to cloud computing can save you a significant amount of money. Your overhead costs will decrease as you need less in-house support staff and power to keep your systems operational. With cloud storage security, you can bring down your storage and maintenance costs which in turn will make your business more efficient.

While the exact cost for different cloud storage options might vary depending on your needs, the good news is you only pay for what you need. There are different plans available that you can take your pick from with different storage sizes and features. You can always upgrade if you need more.

The benefit of cloud storage here is that you don’t have to invest in an entire server that you may or may not utilise to its full capacity.

6. Systematic Organisation

Businesses both large and small have total control not only over the information stored over the cloud but also the way it is stored. While you might choose to upload everything, you don’t have to.

It’s your decision if you want to store only critical business information on the cloud and leave the rest of your operation running as it always has, or vice versa. With cloud storage solutions, you can create multiple folders to organise all the data you have in a way that suits you and your business.

Create folders to make your cloud system more systematic, organised and convenient. This makes it easy for everyone involved to access and navigate through the files and data.

Call Redpalm for Improved Cloud Storage Security

The cloud storage industry is evolving rapidly, which is exciting as it’s relatively new in the market. With so many providers to choose from it’s important you pick the best for your needs.

At Redpalm, our existing network of technology partners will allow you to start benefiting from exceptional cloud storage security solutions immediately. 

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