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5 Tips to Secure Your IT Infrastructure For 2021

With so many businesses using cloud computing to store information or data online, securing this information becomes essential. Whether your data includes personal details of clients and employees, financial data or crucial day-to-day operations info, security has never been more important. 
With this in mind, IT security should be a top priority for every business for 2021. A secure IT infrastructure protects your organisation from cyber threats which could damage your workflow and other business processes. 

Why is IT Infrastructure Security Important?

Failing to secure your IT infrastructure leaves your business vulnerable to a huge range of risks and cyber threats. Cyber criminals can take advantage of your vulnerability and potentially misuse your information and data. If hackers get a hold of your data, it can lead to losses for your company while also potentially creating problems for your clients. 
Securing your IT environment saves your business from all the risks associated with cyber attacks and strengthens your overall business security.
As IT security experts, Redpalm has put together a list of tips to improve the security and protection of your IT environment in 2021.
Let’s take a look!

1. Update Your Company’s IT Security Policies

Policies are a more formal way of putting together rules and regulations for staff and systems. However, its importance must not be underestimated. 
If you already have an existing IT security policy, improving it by tailoring it to your company’s current needs can be incredibly advantageous. 
Go through your policies with a view to securing your current processes and make adjustments where necessary to ensure you’re covered. This warrants zero tolerance for IT-related misdemeanours. 
If this is something you lack the experience or knowledge to do internally, be sure to speak to the professional IT security consultants at Redpalm for help. For a no-obligation discussion about your potential risks, contact us today.
By identifying any areas of your security policies that are vulnerable, you help to minimise the chance of human error in a data breach. 

2. Have Experts Audit Your IT Security

While the need for securing your IT infrastructure is something you likely understand as a business, identifying problem areas along with the extent you need to scale your network may remain uncertain. Here, partnering with IT security experts to conduct audits can be incredibly beneficial for your business. 
As well as providing insight into pain points within your IT infrastructure, our managed serviced specialists are able to highlight inefficiencies in your IT processes, optimising your IT systems and security further. 
Our IT specialists recommend solutions for vulnerabilities in your network and offer customised technical solutions for your bespoke business needs. Conducting these audits, with the proficiency of our technical experts to support your network, we identify the loopholes that exist in your business’ IT infrastructure, making it easier for us to resolve all technical problems.

3. Update Password Policy and Accessibility

Improving passwords is often the most basic, but is a typically crucial step in digital protection. Since it’s almost New Year, now is a good time to update your password policies across your business.
Using password management solutions to create stronger passwords provides more security and helps prevent possible external break-ins. Every IT security guideline should include a policy that supplies information on the creation of strong passwords. 
Furthermore, in the current situation, many employees are either working from home or remotely and accessing company data externally. 
Making sure they are accessing this data securely helps reduce the possibility of cyber attacks. Utilising technologies and applications like a VPN can allow remote workers to access the company’s data whilst reducing the risks of compromising on its integrity.
For maximum protection, strict guidelines, changing and improving passwords, and using secure portals to access business data should be included in your company’s IT security policy.

4. Data Backup And Recovery Solutions

A cyber threat or data breach can severely harm your company and its day-to-day functioning. This threat can compromise your company’s data integrity, while also putting your client’s information at risk. 
Improving your data backup and recovery solutions with the help of the IT professionals at Redpalm can protect your company’s information and boost cyber security.
Based on your company’s scalability, we work with you to upgrade your backup and recovery plans. As your business grows, we integrate new additions and improved solutions to your data to ensure end to end protection of your IT environment. 

5. Install Robust Anti-Virus Software and Update Your Firewall

Malware and viruses are a constant threat to your IT infrastructure with some viruses becoming advanced enough to pass through basic security measures that are already in place. Upgrading your security by installing a strong antivirus software will serve as a defence against cyber threats. 
A firewall is like a vault that protects your digital belongings. Having a strong vault ensures maximum protection and fortification. Updating your firewall is therefore essential to improve the security of your IT infrastructure. Next-generation firewalls provide a higher level of security which is why if your firewall is outdated, updating to the Next-Generation is highly recommended.

Contact Redpalm To Make Your IT Infrastructure More Secure 

Upgrading your existing IT infrastructure for a more comprehensive solution will provide well-rounded security to all your digital business operations. With the New Year so close, enhancing the IT security of your business is a smart move to ensure continued progress and scalability in 2021.
That said, by entrusting your IT infrastructure to Redpalm, you can sit back and focus on your business while we work our best to update your existing systems to provide quality service.
To find out more about our solutions, contact us here or get your free Cyber Risk Score Analysis