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3 Things to Consider for File Sync And Share Solutions

Let’s admit it – a major and altogether common challenge that every business faces is finding an effective way to share files and keep them updated.
Additionally, with more employees passing files around the workplace, the more complex solutions you need. This further makes it hard to keep a record of who has the latest version or worse, whether revisions made to one version were transferred to another.
It doesn’t stop here though!
With an increasing number of work done via mobile devices or remotely, employees don’t necessarily have complete access to secure document sharing solutions. This means if reviews aren’t synced or it becomes difficult to edit on mobile devices, then your staff might struggle to reach their deadlines.
Having the right file sync and share solutions, therefore, is extremely crucial. However, when it comes to choosing these solutions, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.
At Redpalm, our professional IT experts have broken down a couple of options you can choose from. We’ve also shared 3 vital aspects you need to consider.
Let’s take a look!

Private Or Public Cloud – Which Should You Use?

Let’s assume that you want to completely move away from on-premise file sharing for your business since this might limit the access to your employees working remotely.
In that case, you may either need to shift to private or public cloud – or perhaps, to a hybrid of the two.

Private Cloud

While the various private cloud options available to you might be more expensive and require more onboarding, they provide you with custom solutions that are tailor-made to your organisation’s requirements.
These cloud computing solutions are typically hosted within your organisation’s firewalls and enable you to scale and provide resources more dynamically.
Click here to find out the various benefits of leveraging private cloud solutions.

Public Cloud

When it comes to public cloud options, the onboarding process is often straightforward and streamlined.
In fact, many small scale organisations dip their toes into these platforms to test them before committing their entire operation, to test for their own requirements. However, our IT experts can recommend the best solutions and identify which works the best for you before you waste time on ineffective solutions.
Read this blog to find out more about the various types of public cloud solutions.

Hybrid Cloud

If you’re unable to choose between private and public cloud, then perhaps you should consider a hybrid cloud solution.
A mix of two solutions, hybrid cloud includes the features of public cloud for easy external file sharing whilst using the elements of private cloud to share internal documents. It brings usability and ease of access with the security benefits of a private cloud.
If you need professional assistance in finding the best secure document sharing solution for you, or simply need more information, contact us today!

Choosing File Sync and Share Solutions – What to Look for

Here are our top three things you need to look for when selecting a secure file sharing solution for your business.

1. Accessibility

Do you want to have control over which employees get access to edit files and which ones can only view them? Do you want multiple employees working on the same file at once?
Do you want a solution that supports all document types or just a specific file structure? Do you want the solution to have both a mobile and desktop version?
These are some of the crucial questions in terms of accessibility that you need to ask before choosing a secure document sharing solution. If it isn’t easy to understand and use, then your staff is likely to revert to the processes they once used.

2. Integration

Does your solution integrate well with the current storage practices?
If your company shares internal documents on the cloud but archives them in some other location, then those additional steps can lead to errors. This means the solution you choose needs to be seamlessly integrated with your backup solution.
After all, the primary purpose of having file sync and share solutions is to ensure your operations are conducted in a seamless manner – eliminating those unnecessary steps.

3. Security

An incredibly important feature, the document sharing solution you choose needs to be as secure as possible.
Data encryption needs to be the key feature since that not only helps you restrict user access but also ensure that wiping data is easier from stolen or lost devices.

Get In Touch With Redpalm to Find the Perfect File Sharing Solution for Your Business

When it comes to effective enterprise file syncing and sharing solutions, every business has its own needs.
This means making the right choice starts with evaluating your current business needs and then measuring them against the usability and features of different document sharing applications.
At Redpalm, we work alongside your business to understand its needs and accordingly recommend an effective solution for you.
We also provide you with various cloud computing solutions to help your staff handle files in a safe and secure manner; this is regardless of whether they’re working remotely or from the office.
Give us a call today to find out which file sharing solution works best for your organisation.
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