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5 Data Security Tools to Protect Your Business | Redpalm

When it comes to business growth, many businesses often look at data security as a different, standalone element, but that’s not how it is.
The growth and security of your business are both interlinked; the robustness of your data privacy strategy has a direct impact on your capability to expand your business.
That said, the weaker your security strategy, the more open your business will be to cyber attacks. This would not only prove to be extremely damaging and expensive for your organisation but also significantly restrict your overall growth potential.
Having a weaker data security strategy can also result in:

  • Reputational Damage
  • Financial Loss
  • Reduced Sales
  • Damaged SEO
  • Productivity Loss
  • Irrecoverable Data

This is why it’s crucial to have robust cyber security in place alongside other safety measures. In doing so, you can protect your IT infrastructure, employees, systems and networks, applications, devices and more.
At Redpalm, we’d also recommend you to have multi-layered security to ensure that your overall security is maximised.

Data Security Tools – How To Protect and Grow Your Business

When it comes to enhancing the security of your business, it’s essential to have the necessary data security tools in place. By incorporating them into your daily operations, you can prevent potential threats and make sure your business is always in the driver’s seat.
Let’s take a look at the tools that you can use to grow your business.

1. Have Effective Email Security In Place

When it comes to emails, your employees are likely receiving hundreds of them a day, out of which 50% are spam.
Now, it could take them around 16 seconds to identify a spam email, which means they could spend nearly 69.3 hours every year just sifting through emails. 
Simply put, time can cost you money and you don’t want your staff to spend their invaluable time on unwanted emails. Moreover, you don’t want them to miss out on other revenue-generating opportunities.
However, spam emails aren’t the only thing you need to consider; keep an eye on malicious emails too since they can cause more damage.
This is where having an effective spam filtering and email security tool can help your employees – it not only prevents them from sifting through unwanted emails but also maximises their productivity and hence your overall security.
What’s more, these online data security tools also free up your time which can be used to focus on other crucial tasks, allowing your business to grow.
For more information on how email security can protect your business data, you can get in touch with professional IT support providers like Redpalm. We’ll not only help you understand the importance of data security but also provide you with the necessary security solutions.

2. Conduct Frequent Cyber Security Training With Employees

Along with your systems and networks, your employees can also be the biggest security risk for your organisation.
If your team fails to decipher and deal with security issues, they can fall prey to potential cyber threats and eventually leave your business open to data breaches and other IT security issues.
One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to train your employees about the various threats and how they can tackle them.
For instance, at Redpalm we offer easy and quick cyber security training focusing on different types of threats, how to identify them before they cause serious damage and how to avoid other malicious digital threats. We also offer tailored training and ensure your employees’ knowledge is constantly refreshed.
By partnering with an experienced IT service provider and educating your employees about cyber security, you can prevent data breach and protect your business from both reputational and financial damage.

3. Use a Password Management Tool

You might already know the importance of using intricate passwords for every system, account and application. However, remembering all the credentials and login details can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is why many employees reuse the same password.
Not only is this a dangerous move but it also makes it easier for cyber criminals to predict your credentials and gain access to your business’ critical data.
One of the best data security tools that you can leverage here is – a robust password management system. With this tool in place, your employees can store and access their passwords in a secure manner. This means it becomes easy and quick for them to log in to their accounts (without actually having to remember them).
Additionally, these tools send alerts when your password doesn’t match the security standards or is too weak. That way, you can change your passwords and ensure that it is complex enough to not be deciphered.
If you don’t have a password manager in place yet, make sure you’re getting one for your organisation as soon as possible.
Contact the team at Redpalm to find out the best password management tool for your organisation.

4. Install Antivirus Software to Protect Your Systems and Devices

Your applications and devices are another gateways for cyber attackers to access your crucial information; keeping them protected at all times is, therefore, very important.
Installing effective malware protection, device encryption and antivirus software are all great ways to maximise your data protection.
For instance, data encryption can make sure hackers don’t get hold of your information in case your device is stolen or lost. Since all your data is encrypted, your device will become nonsensical to any unauthorised person. However, without data encryption, your lost device can be detrimental to the business, causing serious damage.
Whilst data encryption alone isn’t enough to secure your device, it does improve your security.
To gain expert advice on how to protect your devices with data privacy and other foolproof security tools, it’s best to consult a professional IT company.

5. Get the Necessary Accreditations

Although accreditations aren’t necessarily a part of the data security tool kit, they’re a great way to enhance your business’ security.
You can choose to work with an experienced and proactive IT provider since they can help you with the required accreditations. For instance, at Redpalm, we help you achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.
These prove your dedication to top-class cyber security and your potential to keep your customers’ data secure.
Our team also helps you achieve your own data security accreditations – this means, you too can hold various certifications that highlight the efforts taken by your business to maximise security and data protection.
By achieving these cyber security accreditations, you can prove that you’ve taken the right steps to maximise your client’s data protection. This will further help you prevent IT issues while also enhancing your reputation. Additionally, you can drive new business with potential investors, which will ultimately aid your company’s growth.

Get In Touch With Redpalm for Top Quality Data Security Solutions

Online data security tools can absolutely help you protect your organisation and employees from potential threats.
To get the best data security solutions, you can get in touch with our professional IT team at Redpalm. Alternatively, you could also drop us a line at
In the meantime, do take our free cyber risk score assessment to understand the effectiveness of your current data protection measures.