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How to Find the Right IT Support For 2021

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up or an established organisation with all the required resources, running a business successfully is no mean feat.
Taking into account our increasing reliance on technology and other cloud computing solutions and this becomes even more difficult. Moreover, with increasing technological pressure, it becomes essential to find the right IT support to look after your IT infrastructure to ensure you remain functional at all times.
With so many IT support companies offering their services, choosing the perfect fit for your business can feel like navigating a minefield especially if you aren’t well informed.
That said, at Redpalm, we’ve put together our list of 4 tips to make the process of finding a professional IT service provider easier for your business.

1. Verify the Certifications and Experience of the Company

While every IT support company fronts its bestside, it’s crucial to do your own research to understand whether the firm has enough experience to manage your IT environment and other business-critical devices.
Additionally, you also need to check whether they’re an accredited IT support provider – with so many providers out there lacking the certifications needed to safely perform what they’re offering.
An excellent way to verify their experience and certifications is to check their past work, for example you can see that Redpalm have worked with a number of Government run NHS Trusts. You also need to understand the scope of their work and if it’s in line with your current and future business requirements.
At Redpalm, as a Cyber Essentials certified company and the Trusted Tier 1 Partner of EMCRC, we offer IT support solutions that are the best fit for your business. We also boast a team of professional MSPs with decades of collective experience, meaning you can rest assured that your IT environment is in safe hands.

2. Ask If They Offer On-Going User Training

Although it’s important to find the right IT support company that can secure your data and systems from a potential cyber attack, you also need to ensure that they offer consistent user training. That way, you can keep your employees up-to-date on the latest security measures and technologies.
As professional IT support specialists, Redpalm help you empower your staff by providing employee-training support.
Our training packages cater to employees at all levels and comprise a wide range of topics from data integrity and wireless network security to Office 365.

3. Confirm If There’s an SLA In the Contract

This needs to be your top priority when finding an IT support provider for your business.
Unless you’d like to wait for weeks to receive help (or in the worst cases, perhaps even an acknowledgement) from your IT service provider when there’s a system or network outage – you don’t want to risk working with a company without an SLA.
What’s more, not only is it crucial to have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place but also ensure it favours your business.
Simply put, you need to understand how long they’ll take to respond to your IT requests and whether they offer 24/7 IT service desk support.
By partnering with us as your IT support provider, you can rest assured that your systems are being monitored round-the-clock and that your business is protected from cyber threats. Moreover, we ensure that we’re digging out the root cause of your IT issues rather than leveraging band-aid solutions to fix them, meaning you’re in the best possible hands.

4. Talk About On-Site IT Support

Most IT-related issues can be fixed remotely, meaning the physical distance between your business and your IT support partner isn’t as crucial as it once was.
Nonetheless, there are occasionally hardware issues that require someone to be present on-site in order to repair or replace them.
That said, you need to make sure the IT support company you’re planning to work with offers on-site IT support and that it’s already mentioned in your contract.
At Redpalm, we harness our experience and expertise in the industry to provide you with the best possible support. We not only offer hardware break-fix support but also advise on technology to suit your current business structure and your future business requirements.
To find out more about how we can resolve your hardware issues, click here!

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