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Top Tips to Maintain a 24/7 IT Service Desk

For many small and medium-sized businesses, operating 24/7 is not the norm!
However, for organisations with teams and clients across the globe, or those functioning in an“always up” industry like eCommerce and healthcare, having a 24/7 IT service desk is crucial.
That said, if your business is experiencing an increase in requests for “out of hours” IT service, then shifting from weekday to 24/7 working hours could be a huge step.
Before you take the leap, here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Does my business need this service?
  • Can we afford these expenses at the moment?
  • What will happen if we fail to offer this additional support?

As is the case with many business decisions, it’s important that you balance your organisation’s needs and operating costs.
If you have contractors, clients and employees who need access to your servers round the clock, and your unanswered support tickets are increasing, then it’s worth addressing this situation.
If you’re toying with the idea, but aren’t ready to take the operational leap, get in touch with us and we can fulfill the need until you’re ready.

What If You Fail to Offer IT Support?

Failing to offer 24/7 IT support can lower the overall performance of your employees, especially those working from home or on shift patterns. 
If your business doesn’t have an IT service desk, then your clients may feel abandoned or won’t be able to leverage your services. It may also have an impact on your customer service and eventually result in clients switching to your competitors. The same could be true for unsupported employees.

How to Set Up and Maintain an IT Service Desk?

When IT issues like data breaches and cyber threats aren’t fixed quickly, it could result in system downtime and ultimately reduce the productivity of your employees. This is why it’s important to not only set up but also maintain an IT service desk.
At Redpalm, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you improve your IT support and ensure that your services are available to the clients whenever they need them.
Let’s take a look!

Employ an Internal IT Support Team

Whilst the idea of employing an internal team isn’t the most feasible option for many, you could still go ahead with it provided you’ve the resources.
When it comes to having an internal IT team, you’ll need at least 3 additional employees to make sure your clients’ and customers’ demands are being met in a timely manner. You will also have to be clear on your working hours and provide your staff with the necessary support and training.
However, if you lack the resources, then you could partner with a professional IT service provider like ourselves.
At Redpalm, we can take the reins of your IT issues, offer bespoke user training and IT security measures and ensure your services are available to clients 24/7. We’ll also help you maintain an IT service desk while protecting your business from potential cyber attacks at all times!
To find out more about our IT solutions and how we can help you stay ahead of your competitors, contact our team today!

Outsource Your 24/7 IT Service Desk

An excellent way to ensure your IT service desk is available round the clock is to outsource your IT support to an experienced managed services partner. The best part of outsourcing your 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support is that it’s affordable as compared to hiring an internal team.
When you work alongside an IT partner like Redpalm, we ensure that our most knowledgeable and experienced professionals are working with you.
We’ll not only help you improve and maintain an IT service desk, but also offer robust security solutions to protect your network and endpoints from possible data breaches or cyber threats.

Partner With a Trusted IT Service Provider

Instead of employing an internal team or outsourcing your 24/7 services, why not partner with a trusted IT support company?
By partnering with a professional IT company like Redpalm, you can rest assured that your IT support is in the right hands. Our IT team will fully understand your business’ key objectives and drivers, and accordingly help you maintain your 24/7 service desk.
We’ll also offer you a suite of collaboration and communication tools to enable your business to do what it does best, without worrying about support tickets being left unattended.

Contact Redpalm for 24/7 IT Service Desk Support

With increasing demand for 24/7 IT support, it’s become important for you to not only set up but also maintain an IT service desk.
That said, by handing your IT issues to Redpalm, you can sleep confidently knowing that if there’s a system failure our experienced IT professionals will resolve it as quickly as possible while minimising the overall downtime.
To offer the best in class IT support to your clients and customers, seek assistance from our experienced team today!