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Managed Services vs. IT Outsourcing – What is Better?

Managed IT Services VS IT Outsourcing – What Are the Differences?

In the last two decades, the outsourcing industry has really come into its own. It is such a popular concept that it has become synonymous with anything that is managed externally in business.
However, during this time, the IT industry and by extension the technology sector, has transformed and evolved to include a range of more sophisticated services, popularly known as ‘managed services’. Using this concept, businesses benefit from a shared responsibility, deeper understanding of business functions, direct IT consultation, and greater transparency than a traditional outsourcing relationship.
Managed services and outsourcing are terms that are used almost interchangeably, but as mentioned above, they have their fair share of differences. In essence, the concept of managed services offered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) might sound like outsourcing, but details are very different.
As both concepts involve seeking external assistance, the confusion between the terms is quite understandable.
In this piece, we shed more light on how managed services differ from IT outsourcing. In order to understand the differences, we need to first define the two terms.

What is IT Outsourcing?

When you delegate certain existing tasks or business activities to an external organisation, it is generally known as outsourcing. In essence, the tasks you delegate and transfer externally can be taken care of in-house, but when you seek help from a third party, you generally do so to reduce costs related to rent, equipment and labour. This gives you room to focus on your core business functions.
More importantly, outsourcing is linked to individual business activities and processes instead of broader strategies related to IT. Put simply, you ask IT outsourcing firms to perform certain tasks and they complete the work and bill you for it. For all intents and purposes, it is a rather detached process.

What is Managed Services?

When you sign up with a managed services provider, it means you’re partnering with an external organisation for well-rounded and comprehensive IT support. When you adopt this approach, instead of transferring individual business activities and functions that are quite specific and narrow, you benefit from an approach that is much more holistic and wholesome.
By teaming up with Redpalm, you can expect more strategic assistance, as we manage your IT infrastructure and recommend improvements that will lead to greater performance and results. What’s really noteworthy is that with managed IT solutions, you partner with providers who have a vested interest in your success, as we align your long term goals with our extensive IT knowledge.
Put simply, as managed service providers for IT support and infrastructure, you take advantage of and have access to seasoned specialists who use their expertise to manage your company’s IT needs with increased efficiency and effectiveness than a detached outsourced partner.

Why Choose a Managed Service Provider Rather Than Outsource My IT?

When it comes to IT services, a managed services provider will almost always provide you with far more value than simply outsourcing. This is especially true in businesses that have shortages of skills and resources in-house to take care of your IT needs as effectively as possible.
With managed IT solutions, you can keep an eye on your network operations, make plans for business disaster recovery, strengthen and add to your cybersecurity awareness and much more.
Here are some reasons why you should consider partnering with Redpalm for your managed IT support:

  • Full IT accountability
  • Multi-functional and strategic
  • Hands-on work with your business teams
  • Upskilling and IT training of your human capital
  • Regular updates and reporting in real-time
  • A long-term vision for your business success

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Secure IT Infrastructure Management Expertise

As seasoned Managed Service Providers, at Redpalm you benefit from strategic technological advice that is tailored specifically to your business needs. Our initial analysis allows us to create a robust, flexible and secure IT foundation based on your existing capabilities. Our systems and processes ensure you are kept ahead of the curve, taking advantage of the latest technological developments.
Partnering with a managed services provider can lead to greater safeguarding of your IT security. As flexible and mobile working is increasingly becoming the norm in the modern workplace, IT security has become more complex than ever.
This is where partnering with an MSP becomes even more crucial. We have all the in-house expertise and resources to optimise the security of your IT environment proactively and permanently. This way, we ensure that all loopholes are taken care of as we address your IT issues remotely before you encounter any disruptions in the workflow.

Managed IT Solutions from Redpalm

For businesses operating in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Bedfordshire, Redpalm offers a comprehensive solution for managed IT services that include IT support, cybersecurity solutions, business continuity plans, NOC monitoring, IT asset management and cloud computing and communication. We also help you ensure compliance with data legislation and offer protection against data disruptions.
At Redpalm, we adopt an approach that is business-centric and hands-on as we take care of your IT needs and tailor our services to suit your business requirements. We work with you to create an IT strategy that is comprehensive and broad, as we weed out the inefficiencies in your IT infrastructure, strengthen security and safeguard your business from malicious digital threats.
Get in touch with us today to ensure that your business remains safe, secure and fully operational!