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4 Reasons You Should Outsource Your 1st Line IT Support to an MSP

Not that long ago, IT was an expensive investment for many businesses. However, with the advent of cloud-based IT infrastructure and external support, organisations no longer have to burn a hole in their pocket to leverage the latest technologies and leading technical IT support.
With the concept of IT outsourcing becoming a more popular choice for businesses across industries, the majority of organisations have started shifting to professional Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to manage and deliver their 1st line support.
By outsourcing your 1st line support to a professional IT company like Redpalm, your in-house team no longer has to worry about resolving common IT issues. They can instead focus on core business-critical operations and strategic projects that will help you with business scalability.

Why Outsource Your 1st Line Support to an MSP?

At Redpalm, our experienced IT support specialists have put together 4 crucial reasons why it’s important to outsource your 1st line support.
Let’s take a look at how IT outsourcing can benefit your business.

1. Enhance Your In-House IT Team’s Efficiency

It’s not unusualfor your in-house IT team to feel overwhelmed with the influx of support tickets from your employees who can’t proceed to the next step of the workflow unless their issue is resolved. Similarly, downtime due to outage or system failure can also add to their stress, not to mention your business expenses.
However, by outsourcing your 1st line support to IT specialists at Redpalm, you not only ensure that service desk support is available round the clock but also improve the overall productivity of your in-house team.
With our robust IT solutions, we make sure that your organisation doesn’t need to be concerned about reduced capacity of internal staff due to annual holidays or sick leave and can continue to function as usual.
To find out more about how we can help you with your IT issues, contact our team today or drop a line at

2. Enterprise-Level IT Support

With a huge demand for IT professionals, it’s not easy for businesses to find the talent and skill that’s required to handle their IT support service desk.
That said, if you’re looking for experienced and reliable service desk analysts, then you may find it’s bestto outsource your 1st line support to a professional company.
By partnering with Redpalm, you not only work with trusted MSPs but also receive enterprise-level support. We take the time to fully understand your business needs and accordingly deliver the right solutions.

3. Proactive System Monitoring

In-house IT teams usually follow a reactive approach, meaning they fix issues as and when they arise. However, when it comes to reducing downtime and enabling you to continue your operations as usual, a reactive approach won’t help you identify IT issues proactively.
This is where your business can benefit from our proactive system monitoring.
At Redpalm, we offer you the right level of IT support to ensure that every IT issue, whether big or small, is resolved as quickly as possible.
Our team also makes sure that your in-house IT department doesn’t busy itself with everyday technical issues like broken systems and troubleshooting. Instead, they can focus on mission-critical projects that are in line with your business operations.
Get in touch with our team to outsource your 1st line support and enable your business to do what it does best!

4. Better IT Security

There are many reasons why businesses have to take IT security seriously.
With the number of cyber attacks increasing at a rapidrate, and with GDPR in place, failing to secure your systems and networks can result in hefty fines should you face an avoidable data breach.
However, by outsourcing your 1st line support to Redpalm, our proficient and experienced MSPs work with you and help create a robust armory of technical defences to monitor your systems 24/7 and keep potential cyber threats at bay!

Contact Redpalm for 1st Line IT Support Services

When you outsource your 1st line support to Redpalm, we make sure you’re offered the best in class tech support and that all your minor and major issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Give us a call or book your free consultation with our experienced IT specialists to discuss your business needs and find out how we can help!