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How to Maximise Your Business’s Online Security in 2021

2020 was, without a doubt, the most turbulent year, with the majority of businesses compelled to work from home for extended periods.
From the IT perspective, however, this meant just one thing – ensuring that a significant focus was shifted towards keeping businesses up and running at all times!
This also included, for instance, a huge rise in the adoption of different collaboration tools to allow employees to easily communicate with one another.
That said, when it comes to technology, most of the current data privacy trends have been influenced or directly driven by the ongoing pandemic. What’s more, whilst the previous year was all about ensuring your business is fully functional, 2021 is going to be about operating it securely.

Data Privacy Strategies – Why Is It Important?

The past year has presented businesses of every industry and size with new challenges and risks in terms of their data security.
This significant increase in risks has only resulted in increased demands for improved data privacy strategies to help prevent reputational damage, data breaches and financial loss.
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Data Security Trends 2021 – 3 Tips to Improve Your Business’ Online Security

At Redpalm, we understand the significance of protecting both your data and your business. That said, today we’ll be highlighting our 2021 data security trends which you need to watch out for.
Let’s take a look!

Trend #1 – Leveraging a 3 Tiered Strategy for Data Privacy

With cyber threats increasing at an alarming rate and becoming more sophisticated, it’s become important for businesses to act now to avoid their crucial information from being compromised.
That said, when it comes to data privacy, you need to leverage a 3-tiered approach and start prioritising crucial business areas, such as:

  • Your devices and other applications
  • Your employees
  • Your email

What’s more, you need to implement the necessary tools to make sure these areas are protected at all times.
Here’s how you can go about it.

Devices and Other Applications

Given the current situation, it’s likely that the working from home setup is here to stay. Moreover, irrespective of the pandemic, several organisations have already started preparing for long-term remote working.
In fact, it has been expected that the majority of businesses will continue operating remotely at least for the coming 18 months.
This is one of the major reasons why you need to start taking appropriate action to safeguard your assets like your devices and other applications that are being used by your employees. This includes the implementation of malware protection, device encryption, effective antivirus software installation and more.
It’s also recommended that you have the necessary IT security measures in place to vigilantly monitor your systems and networks.
If you need professional assistance to help secure your devices and network, feel free to get in touch with the team at Redpalm today.


When it comes to remote working and cyber attacks, your employees are more vulnerable and a potential target of cyber criminals.
In fact, it’s predicted that the more people work remotely the more likely they’re to use shortcuts, prioritising convenience over data integrity. This is why, as a business, you need to focus more on the security of your employees throughout the year.
At Redpalm, we’d suggest you conduct frequent IT security training, implement multi-factor authentication and install password management systems.


Your emails being compromised is not only a popular form of cyber attack but also the most financially damaging crime.
That said, cyber criminals have started automating email scams which mean both the reach and the number of email-based attacks have increased dramatically.
In this case, your organisation needs to work on managing the increased number of email attacks although in a smart way. Here, a good practice would be to leverage email security solutions like link protection, IT security auditing, email archiving and email filtering.
This will not only help secure your email environment but ensure that potential cyber attacks are kept at bay.
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Trend #2 – Revising the Current Cyber Security Measures

One of the crucial data security trends in 2021, revising and renewing your business’ current cyber security measures is going to be important.
For many businesses, it doesn’t look like working from home will end anytime soon, which means long-term safety measures are to become a necessity to secure their company information.
When it comes to revising your strategies, make sure you’re taking remote working practices into account and implementing the right measures. You also need to ensure that your revised measures are maximising the security of your emails, devices and employees.
Additionally, your cyber security measures need to be comprehensive and advanced since the attacks from cyber criminals have become sophisticated. In doing so, you’ll be making sure that every aspect is being covered in terms of data protection.
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Trend #3 – Detecting IT Issues and Not Just Protecting Your Data

While having the right data protection measures in place is crucial to safeguard your business and other information from potential threats, it’s also important to implement additional strategies.
This is where partnering with a proactive IT support provider like Redpalm can prove to be beneficial.
In doing so, you’ll not only be able to vigilantly monitor your networks and systems but also proactively detect and solve potential threats before it disrupts your operations. Moreover, by detecting IT issues at the very beginning, you can prevent hackers from getting access to your confidential data.
Since it has been predicted that in the upcoming years detection solutions will become more advanced, now is the perfect time to invest in the latest technologies.
After all, detecting and resolving issues early is better than simply implementing measures and protecting your data.

Contact Redpalm to Improve Your Data Security Measures

Although we’re 3 months into this new year, it’s still a better time to implement these 2021 data security trends and maximise your business’ online security.
However, if you don’t have the time or the required resources to bring in these changes, you can get in touch with the experienced IT professionals at Redpalm today.
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