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Data Security – 5 Reasons Why SMEs Should Prioritise IT

Let’s admit it – ‘it won’t happen to us’, this is something that the majority of SMEs have assumed when it comes to data breaches.
However, if this does happen to you, what next?
It’s important to understand here that SMEs are usually the prime target of cyber attackers and that the effectiveness of your current cyber security measures can’t be ignored.
Moreover, cyber criminals often choose the road of least resistance; since small-sized companies tend to invest in very little data protection measures, they’re normally the ones suffering from data breaches or other such cyber attacks.
That being the case, it’s high time that SMEs understand the importance of data security and take the necessary measures to secure your business information.
At Redpalm, our professional IT team has put together 5 crucial reasons explaining why it’s essential to prioritise the security of your data. Additionally, we’ve mentioned some tips to help enhance safety measures while minimising the overall risk.
Let’s take a look!

1. Shift to Remote Working

Whilst a lot of you might have returned to working at the office, there are still several companies working remotely since the first lockdown in March 2020.
Either way, remote working practices have become the norm for most of you; more importantly, it has improved the overall satisfaction and efficiency of your employees.
However, this sudden shift to remote working has also brought with it additional risks – you now have very little control over both the devices and internet connection used by your employees. This means your business could be more vulnerable to potential cyber threats.
To avoid this from happening, it’s important for you to ensure that the technical end of your business is as robust as it can be.
By partnering with a proactive IT support company like Redpalm, you can easily achieve this security alongside the necessary advice and technical support.

2. New GDPR Regulations

The process can be a little complicated when it comes to abiding by the data protection and privacy regulations, but failing to do so will only leave you in huge trouble.
This is particularly true ever since the new GDPR regulations were implemented in May 2018.
That said, you not only need to understand the importance of data security and privacy but also remain updated about the latest developments. Moreover, you need to ensure that your business has the right compliance plan and technology in place to abide by the changes and rules.
Of course, it isn’t possible to fully prevent a data breach, but you still need to have the right measure in place to avoid it.
For professional assistance regarding the same, feel free to get in touch with our IT support team today.

3. Cyber Criminals Quickly Adapt to Technological Changes

For many cyber attackers, getting hold of your business critical data is like a full time job. This means they are constantly researching to stay on top of the industrial developments (more than you ever do!).
What’s more, since technology keeps evolving (even during the pandemic), it becomes more important for you to stay updated at all times!
For instance, AI (artificial intelligence) is being increasingly used by cyber criminals to trick your employees into giving them access to sensitive data. This is exactly why your business needs the right data protection measures in place alongside professional advice from technology experts.

4. Increased Use of Personal Devices

With remote working becoming the new norm, personal devices are being increasingly used by employees for business purposes. This means it’s likely that there won’t be enough security measures in place.
Additionally, if your employees are using public WiFi, it will make your business that much more vulnerable to potential cyber threats.
To avoid this from happening, you need to start prioritising your IT support services while also creating an IT strategy that ensures your entire IT infrastructure is secure.
Read our blog to find out more about how you can secure your IT environment.

5. Surge In Vulnerability Because of the Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic did put a pause on several things but, unfortunately, not on cyber crime.
In fact, in 2020, it was reported that cyber threats had increased by 6 times which is more than the usual levels over the past few years. Moreover, during the lockdown period, cyber attackers have evolved and created targeted scams to take advantage of the looming vulnerabilities.
That said, while your organisation is busy focusing on other issues, it’s easy to completely overlook your cyber security plan – leaving your business open to potential threats.
By understanding the importance of data security and implementing the right measures, however, you can minimise risk and also secure your business data.
Click here to learn more about the benefits of data security and how it helps your organisation.

What Next?

Now that you’ve understood why it’s important to prioritise data security, you need to know your next steps.
Here we’ve put together a few tips to help you secure your data:

  • Conduct frequent cyber security training sessions to make sure your employees have the knowledge and skills to prevent potential issues.
  • Implement access control to ensure your data isn’t accessible to people apart from your employees.
  • Install antivirus software equipped with higher detection rates to amp up your data security.
  • Secure your data and other information using a fully managed firewall.
  • Implement multi-factor authentication to create an additional layer of protection.
  • Make sure all your systems, networks, devices, applications and security software are up to date at all times.
  • Come up with a robust IT security plan, review it regularly and update them as per the latest security trends.
  • Seek professional advice from experienced technology consultants like Redplam, who provide IT solutions tailor made for your organisation and its objectives.

Contact Redpalm to Help Improve Your Data Security

When it comes to data breaches, you must know that there’s no surefire way to completely avoid it. However, all you can do is have a multi layered approach in place along with other data security measures to reduce as much risk as possible.
Get in touch with the IT professionals at Redpalm to not only understand the importance of data security but also to secure your business.
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