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It's Time to Switch Your IT Support Provider – Our 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Are you happy with the services provided by your current IT partner? Or do you feel that they could be more proactive and responsive, and offer solutions tailored to your business needs?
If you answered ‘No’ to the first question and ‘Yes’ to the second one, then it means that you’re not only dealing with substandard work but also putting your organisation at risk. This is because, when working on running a productive and successful business, it’s important to choose the right IT service provider.
Moreover, it is your IT strategy that underpins most of the elements of your business operations – right from how you plan your resources and handle customer enquiries to how you monitor the results.
This means, if your IT support provider isn’t assisting you with your business objectives, they’re simply costing your business dearly.

Risks of Working With the Wrong IT Service Provider

When it comes to your organisation, it’s not just those big IT disasters that can take you off the driver’s seat!
Often, it’s the everyday niggles that cost you more – for instance, those extra minutes spent by your team working on common IT issues can add up to several lost hours over the course of time, resulting in lowered profits.
Sure, it can be easy to deal with the expenses of lost efficiency but it can be more difficult to measure the hidden costs of security and employee risks.
This is where seeking assistance from an experienced and professional IT support provider like Redpalm can come in handy. Why not give us a call on 0333 006 3366 to get in touch with our IT team?

5 Signs You Need to Change Your IT Support

Many businesses avoid switching IT support because they worry it might affect their current operations and result in an IT downtime.
However, shifting to a new IT partner makes more sense because they’ll not only offer uninterrupted services but also ensure the solutions are tailored to match your business needs.
If you’re still not sure about changing your IT support provider, then we’ve put together the five tell-tale signs to help you out!

Sign #1 – You’re Partnered With the Same Provider, But Your Business Has Changed

Think back to the time when you first partnered with your current IT service provider – what did your business look like back then? Was it the same or any different to the size and shape of your organisation today?
This is an important point that you need to take into consideration, because many companies go with a local IT firm when looking for one for the first time.
Sure, they might have helped you well when your business was smaller in size and the technological requirements were simpler. However, if your organisation has integrated new operations or has grown to become more reliant on technology, then it’s time you switch your provider.
At Redpalm, having worked in the field for quite some years, our IT specialists are adept with the changing security trends and can easily assist you with your needs.

Sign #2 – The Response Time Has Reduced

If you’ve been working with the same IT solutions provider for many years, then it’s time that you check your original SLAs (service level agreements).
It’s quite possible that your IT partner has become complacent and started slipping those initial promises. Or maybe, the SLA that you agreed at the very beginning is no longer appropriate for the current business needs.
Here, by partnering with a professional company like Redpalm, you can rest assured that all your business requirements are being met and that the solutions being offered are in line with what your organisation currently needs.

Sign #3 – Your IT Partner Isn’t Proactive

There are a few IT service companies that only offer reactive solutions to IT issues and some might not even take the necessary steps until asked for.
Having said that, a professional IT support provider like Redpalm won’t just be there when things go south. Instead, our team of IT experts will ensure that you’re being delivered proactive solutions to enhance and expand your business.
Our IT team will work closely with your organisation and help you create an ever-evolving and robust IT strategy. We’ll also ensure that our team is proactively responding to technological changes and implementing the best IT practices.
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Sign #4 – The Abilities Of Your Provider Doesn’t Seem to Be Up to the Mark

When talking to your service provider, do you feel reassured that they’ll resolve the issues? Do you think they’ll proactively help improve your business?
If you aren’t feeling confident with the IT solutions offered by your partner on a daily basis, then chances are they won’t live up to your mark when facing a disaster recovery situation. Moreover, if you aren’t receiving helpful answers for regular issues, then it’s time to make the switch!
By seeking assistance from an experienced firm like Redpalm, you can rest assured your IT systems are being monitored 24×7 and that your issues are resolved in a timely manner.
With the right IT support provider at your disposal, you can also confidently look after the core aspects of your business instead of worrying about IT issues.

Sign #5 – You Want to Change Things In Your Organisation

Are you planning to grow your business but something is preventing you from doing so?
In this case, it’s best to start by looking at your current IT policies. This is because a successful organisation is constantly evolving and embracing the latest technological trends to stay ahead of the curve!
Here, the right IT partner will help you achieve just that. This means, if you feel your current provider isn’t helping you reach your goals, it’s time to switch.
Contact our team and discuss your IT requirements today!

To Conclude

If you’ve been avoiding the process of switching your IT support provider, then it’s time that you stop!
Switching your IT partner doesn’t have to be painful; rather it’s only going to help you improve your current IT processes while offering solutions that are in line with your business.

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