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Disaster Recovery As a Service – How It Reduces Your Potential Risk

29. September 2020

In today’s highly competitive business world, even the slightest technological disruption can impact you financially. This is why it is essential to have a stress-tested, well-designed and robust disaster recovery plan in place to fall back on in case of emergencies. Your operational efficiency and productivity may be affected due to malicious cyberattacks, a careless employee or even unpredictable weather. 

This is why, at Redpalm, we offer disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to boost your ability to quickly recover lost data and bounce back to business as normal with minimum downtime

The whole point of leveraging our DRaaS solutions is to benefit from proactive and preventative business planning to mitigate digital risks and get back on your feet in no time. 

Let’s take a look at how a robust IT recovery strategy works for you to reduce the impact of potential risks!


Need for DRaaS to Reduce the Risk to Data

Data is available in many different forms. From credentials and passwords of privileged accounts to organisational charts, trade secrets and sensitive customer information, your business thrives and functions on data. 

While all data may not be equal in terms of confidentiality and sensitivity, one thing’s for sure – all data is at risk!

Firstly, there’s always a looming risk of business data being compromised intentionally. We all know that cyber criminals look for ways to capitalise on your mission-critical data using malware and other digital threats

Secondly, data is at risk simply because it exists. A negligent employee could leak customer information unintentionally through an email. Your backup might collapse and fail to restore information or a storm or a flood can wreck your data centre.

This tells us that IT leaders should acknowledge that risk of data loss is real and accordingly take steps to keep that from happening.


Having a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

With our disaster recovery as a service, we work with you to take a preemptive stance with your data protection. We help you add more layers to your IT security with DNS filtering, firewalls and 24/7/365 network monitoring. Whilst our service is highly robust, you can never completely protect your business network 100%. 

This is why it is essential to recognise, prioritise and devise a robust strategy for the more prominent digital threats you are likely to encounter. At Redpalm, our expert team works with you to understand your business processes and functions to:

  • Determine what events would impact your operations the most
  • The likelihood of such events occurring
  • Reduce the risk of such events by preparing for it in advance


Foolproof DRaaS Solutions for Improved Data Security

Partner with Redpalm to leverage our robust DRaaS solutions along with dedicated and comprehensive managed IT support. With us by your side, we can efficiently assist you in creating secure applications, software data backups to cloud solutions while making arrangements for system failover to an alternate infrastructure. 

Our DRaaS solutions include data replication to facilitate smooth transition between primary and secondary systems, network and infrastructure. Once all your systems and applications have been restored, you can switch to your primary IT environment with no system hiccups or disruptions.

We will work with you to plan and identify digital risks and at the same time determine your RPOs and RTOs. We will map out a theoretical framework of your business operations while highlighting what it needs to ensure business continuity should a disaster strike. 

Once this is taken care of, we can work together to implement and activate the disaster recovery program in full capacity. This is where we take care of documentation and data compliance. 

We create runbooks and perform tests to ensure that the program works to keep hackers at bay


Testing Your DRaas Program

When it comes to data recovery, taking advantage of disaster recovery as a service is your best bet to save time, money and other resources. Disaster recovery is an on-going process with a lot of intricacies and complexities. This is why it requires a constant input of resources to stand the test of time. 

It needs to be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it has the latest resources to safeguard your IT environment

At Redpalm, we know that a robust data recovery process involves a constant feedback loop. Regular simulated tests need to be conducted to ensure end-to-end security across all endpoints. 

Your disaster recovery plan is pointless and banal if it lacks proper testing and feedback. 

Redpalm works with you to bridge this gap in your disaster recovery program.


Contact Redpalm for DRaaS

The team at Redpalm is proficient with complex crossovers between cyber security, disaster recovery and IT infrastructure. 

Our technical experts work with you to ensure that your business benefits from a well-rounded backup and disaster recovery plan. You can rest easy knowing that your business is prepared in case a disaster hits. 

Give us a call today to fortify your IT environment with our robust DRaaS solutions!

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