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Is your IT team frequently overwhelmed by mundane, maintenance tasks? When was the last time you upgraded your endpoints? To optimise your business performance, it’s important that your IT processes and infrastructure are up to date and working efficiently.

The procedures, policies, technology and methods you have in place should accelerate your business growth to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Overview of Our Warwick Managed Services

At times, your routine IT tasks could slow you down and hamper business expansion. This can cause issues and divert your attention from your core business functions.

This is why businesses, charities and Trusts in Warwick are choosing Redpalm to manage their IT services.

With our exceptional 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support, we ensure that your organisation consistently functions smoothly, improving your IT environment and by extension, your entire business network.

Our managed services are perfect for businesses located in Warwick and surrounding areas so be sure to book your free, no obligation consultation with us today!

Our core expertise covers

  • Flexible IT Support Services
  • Dedicated Service Desk For All Your Needs
  • On-site IT Support
  • Monthly Reporting and Service Review Meetings
  • Infrastructure Audits Including Risk Assessments
  • Patching of your IT infrastructure and Estate
  • Imaging of Client Devices and Rollout
  • Managed Backups (Backup-as-a-Service) With Monthly Restore Tests
  • Managed Disaster Recovery (DisasterRecovery-as-a-Service) With Regular Testing
  • Development of IT Strategy and Plan
  • Cloud Computing Services and Hosting
  • Fully Managed IT Solutions
  • Managed Network and WiFi
  • Managed Print Services
  • Software and Application Support
  • Third-party vendor Management
  • Managed Antivirus
  • User Training From Microsoft 365 to Cyber Security Awareness
  • Training and Development of the In-house IT Team
  • Hardware Break-fix for Servers, networking and more
  • Robust IT Migration and Relocation
  • Secure and Certified Data Erasure

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Benefits of Partnering with Redpalm As Your Managed Services Provider

With Redpalm’s fully managed IT support, you can now prevent unnecessary disruption and inefficiencies as you streamline your business processes.

We ensure the safety and stability of your network infrastructure with our 24/7 monitoring, meaning we are in a position to quickly identify any issues in your business network.

Increased Serviceability

As a part of our managed services, we offer proactive network monitoring in real-time that minimises the risk of cyber security breaches. We work with you to manage and monitor IT infrastructure performance, health and availability to reduce downtime while boosting overall productivity and operational performance. 

Free Up Your IT Department

With our managed IT support, you can focus more on business-critical aspects as your IT department works towards achieving your organisational goals. With Redpalm working by your side, your in-house resources won’t be tied to time consuming everyday technical issues meaning you can invest those resources where you actually need them. 

Free your in-house IT resources so they can dedicate their time to more strategic projects than time consuming maintenance . 

Improved Training and Cost-Effectiveness

As your dedicated MSP, we share technical training with your staff and equip them with the necessary knowledge to make them more productive, digitally secure and vigilant. 

We equip your team with additional skills that allow them to overcome and adapt to IT issues as they arise, rather than eating into your IT teams’ time. With our managed IT support, we help bridge the skills gap in your organisation to reduce work disruptions and IT staff turnover. 

Peace of Mind 

With Redpalm, your business network is being automatically monitored 24/7/365 with access to instant and hands-on technical support and expertise. 

Our monthly reporting maintains an open line of communication that works for you, ensuring round the clock availability that’s backed by transparent SLAs (Service-Level Agreements).

Better User Experience

With our exceptional managed IT solutions and services, your capabilities to resolve technical issues is further optimised. We work with you to establish faster and secure connections with users, enhancing organisational productivity and performance.

Access to Hands-on Technical Expertise in Real-Time

As your managed services partner, we ensure that you have continuous access to an IT support service that’s fully optimised with the latest updates and features. Additionally, we evaluate your current business processes and present opportunities for improvement that your business can benefit from. 

Fixed and Predictable Costs

At Redpalm, we offer IT solutions with no hidden or unexpected costs. Our pricing system is transparent and if any unpredicted technical issues crop up, those are covered under the fixed prices that are agreed upon in advance. This means you know the costs that you are likely to incur in advance allowing you to plan and scale. 

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What does this button do again?

We all get excited about new technology. Most IT consultancy companies do good installations, creating a real buzz about your new investment. But afterwards, they disappear, leaving you scratching your head as to which bit does what and why. We don’t do that. We provide training that sticks and support that lasts, so you’ll always know precisely what that button does.

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Strengthen Your Network Infrastructure with Managed Backup Solutions

In the event of system failure or cyberattack, we can issue a data recovery plan to have your operation running again as quickly as possible. Our data backup solutions can restore lost files essential for everyday operations meaning minimal downtime.

Our robust backup systems integrate seamlessly with your SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms meaning, you have total control over data protection.

Build Strong Business-Critical IT Systems 

Our managed services IT support offers excellent business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. With our robust backup services, you can minimise the loss of business-critical information and recover all your systems and data in record time. Our managed IT solutions offer unified security against cyber threats, data breaches and system failure which can save your business operations from being disrupted. 

Protect Your IT Infrastructure and Other Endpoints

With Redpalm’s managed services, your business endpoints will be more secure than ever. From to end-to-end data restoration to planning and consultation, we offer complete protection to your IT equipment and environment. Our IT support will assist your business in enhancing both its recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs)!

Optimise Business Data

Replicate mission-critical information in real-time with Redpalm’s DRaas solutions. In the event of a cyber security issue, we work with you to recover virtual servers in a secure and streamlined manner. We also work with you to transfer crucial business information to cloud storage,reducing downtime and maintaining operational continuity, while keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Professional Technical Insights 

With a team of seasoned professionals working tirelessly to keep your systems up and running, we are more than equipped to handle disaster recovery operations for both public and private enterprises irrespective of their scale of operation. Our IT managed services equip you with the necessary tech support to create a robust and all-encompassing business continuity plan. 

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The perfect recipe for recovery

It’s not about failing, it’s how you recover that counts. When was the last time you performed a disaster recovery test and everything went according to plan? We can build your unique recovery recipe using our carefully concocted mix of knowledge, expertise and experience.

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Why Choose Redpalm for Your Warwick Managed Services?

If your IT department is often overwhelmed due to limited expertise, resources or time, you’re likely to run into operational issues by exhausting your assets and staff.

As your managed service provider, we fill in the gaps within your organisation, working with you to improve your IT efficiency and deliverables as you achieve your business targets and goals.

Make the most of our customer-centric approach to amplify your business serviceability and free up your IT resources to achieve business transformation and profitability.

Our IT solutions are not only flexible but also highly scalable so we transform and grow with you in line with your business requirements.

Book your free consultation with us today to find out how we can help your IT team and business!

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