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Our Top 3 Tips to Outshine Your Competition Using Technology

It’s a known fact that the advancement of technology fuels every aspect of your workplace, meaning you need to ensure you’re leveraging it to your advantage.
However, with an array of strategies to overcome competition, how can your business gain a competitive edge and outshine other organisations in terms of operational efficiency, company growth and customer experience?
At Redpalm, our professional IT specialists have put together a list of three tips to help you stay ahead of the competition by using the latest technology.
Let’s take a look!

1. Leverage Cloud Phone Systems

A cloud-based phone system is basically a device that enables you to make calls through the Internet instead of leveraging those conventional telephone lines.
Essentially, these can be accessed from anywhere and at any time provided your staff has an appropriate device and stable Internet connection. What’s more, this system makes for an ideal option for organisations with employees working from home.

How Can Cloud Phone Systems Help Outshine Your Competition?

If you’re a company that mainly focuses on communicating with customers through a telephone, then a cloud-based phone system can be used as one of the strategies to overcome competition.
Additionally, given that it’s being predicted that remote working is slowly going to become the norm, it’s time you prepare for it by leveraging this technology.

Three Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

1. Creates Credibility

With a cloud-based phone system, you allow your staff to stay in constant touch with your customers, prospects or clients from anywhere in the world. This further helps you create professionalism and credibility for your business.

2. Enhances Training Strategies

Since every call can be recorded through cloud phone systems, you can later use these recordings to train and develop your internal team. This will only help you enhance your customer experience.

3. Provides Access to More Information

The biggest advantage of using cloud-based phone systems as one of your strategies to overcome competition is, it allows the integration of statistics software.
Due to this, you gain access to a plethora of data which could be evaluated and leveraged to enhance customer service, internal processes and KPIs.
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2. Install Staff Feedback Software

A staff feedback software is a solution that offers you a platform to easily communicate with your internal team and acquire honest insights regarding their satisfaction. 
It enables you to interact with your employees through forum style posts and Q&A format while enabling them to vote on topics through a rating system. Not only that, technologies like this offer your team an opportunity to talk about how and what they feel, albeit anonymously.
The best part about using a feedback system is that it’s incredibly quick and user-friendly; it ensures your team isn’t wasting valuable time of their day to offer feedback and answer questions.

How Can Staff Feedback Software Help Outshine Your Competition?

A staff feedback system offers you various tools to create a growing team, who actually enjoy their work.
Put simply, this is among the best strategies to overcome competition, as it places your business in a better position to gain and retain employees. It also helps you create an esteemed company culture while enabling you to offer an impeccable customer experience.

Three Benefits of Staff Feedback Software

1. Determines Problems Within the Organisation

When you offer your employees the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback, it helps you receive honest answers. This further assists in identifying and reducing potential issues within your company which otherwise may not have surfaced.

2. Enhances the Company Culture

Through this software, your employees can give feedback or suggestions regarding anything – from the drinks they’d want to get stocked to the devices that’ll make their life easier. This will only help you change the company culture for the better.

3. Lowers Employee Turnover

When it comes to employee feedback, it’s important that you actually listen to them and take the necessary steps. In doing so, you’ll ensure that your employees feel appreciated and stay with the company for a long time.
Get in touch with Redpalm to find out more about the benefits of installing an employee feedback system within the workplace.

3. Create Strong IT Security Policies

Again one of the best strategies to overcome competition, creating IT security policies helps you document all the data related to your business’ IT infrastructure. This mainly includes hardware, access control, software, data and other devices.
However, when it comes to these policies, you need to ensure that they’re being regularly edited and updated with accurate information. Additionally, all the data in it needs to be practical and oblige with the compliance needs.

How IT Security Policies Can Help Outshine Your Competition?

With proper IT security policies and strategies, you can make sure all the data about your IT infrastructure is organised and saved in one place. This will make the information easy to access and manage from your end.
Moreover, when your clients come back with complex procurement questions and requests for proposals that need IT and data security answers, you’ll have the information at your fingertips. This will further ensure you aren’t wasting unnecessary time and resources on understanding and sourcing relevant data.
In order to create these policies regarding the IT security of your company, you can ask your internal team to take care of it. Or else, you could also seek assistance from a managed IT support provider like Redpalm.

Two Benefits of IT Security Policies

1. Enhances Overall Efficiency

With an IT security policy, you can easily streamline all the data of your IT setup while also ensuring that it’s easily accessible to everyone. Moreover, you can offer relevant data and security measures to your clients whenever required.

2. Helps Evaluate Strategies

Many organisations tend to lack a streamlined and updated IT security policy, which only complicates other operational processes. However, with the right policy in place, you can easily analyse and execute technological developments within the company.
Read this blog to understand how you can create a robust IT security plan and policy for your business.

Digital Transformation – One of the Best Strategies to Overcome Competition

While the technologies discussed in this blog are just three ways to compete with competitors, there are more such options available out there that’s best suited to your niche.
In the end, however, the best approach to stand apart from the crowd is to take up digital transformation through the assistance of an experienced and proactive IT support company. Not only will it help with the mass execution of technology but also help enhance operations, solve IT issues and automate overall processes.

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