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3 Benefits & Best Practices of Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) has quickly become one of the most critical solutions for companies and for good reason. Since protecting your business environment has become the need for businesses across the globe, you need to leverage IT security to protect your business network. 
We live in a world where work from home culture is more prevalent than ever. Approximately 80% of security breaches consist of theft involving privileged credentials access. 
With privileged accounts, you can allot special account privileges to a few select users within your organisation. This is done so that these particular accounts can perform certain crucial business functions like:

If these accounts are breached or their security is compromised in any way, the security of the entire organisation will be affected. 
This means your business requires a robust IT support solution to take care of your Privileged Access Management. With the fortification that this solution brings to the table, you can protect your operations from catastrophic cyber attacks and dangerous digital intrusion
At Redpalm, we have put together 3 benefits of privileged access management that you can make the most of. 
Let’s take a look!

Benefits of Privileged Access Management


1. Monitor Access to Privileged Accounts

With PAM, you can gain complete visibility into the many activities that take place in your privileged accounts. Be it on the cloud or on-premises, with privileged access management, you can get a glimpse of everything that’s going on. Many companies use spreadsheets to manually keep track of account passwords. This practice is ineffective as there are several risks attached to it. 
When you lack visibility in your processes, it becomes difficult for you to manage the number of users and their activities. Keeping a track of what kind of information users are looking at will become increasingly challenging. 
Having a full understanding of this becomes tougher, especially when you expand your company and the number of employees, contractors and other users you have increases, change roles or leave the company. The access and privileges they have in your business network need to be updated accordingly, for obvious security reasons.

End-to-End User Supervision with PAM

You can monitor all of these activities from one central point with the implementation of privileged access. At Redpalm, with our robust IT support, we can set up PAM to provision and deprovision users as their role in your organisation changes. 
What’s more, you can also maintain a searchable archive of user activities which will allow you to comply with the necessary regulations and reevaluate access, in case any suspicious activity occurs. 
When end-to-end privileged account supervision is ensured, you can have total control over all the confidential and valuable company information and assets. You can achieve absolute clarity and transparency in terms of account usage and if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact location of the suspicious activity. 
Give the IT experts at Redpalm a call to set up privileged access management, right away!

2. Avert and Restrain Attacks on Privileged Accounts

Privileged credentials, if compromised, can disrupt the entire cyber security of your organisation. No wonder they are the primary target of cyber criminals. It is to be noted that these accounts make for an easy target for resentful ex-employees who can also be responsible for such type of catastrophic digital break ins. 
One of the main benefits of privileged access management is that you can create a separate and secure repository of all the core company credentials to isolate and trace their activity. This way, you can efficiently reduce the risk of credentials being compromised, stolen or misused in any way. 
Administrators of your company’s IT environment can also allot time limits for all the privileged account holders along with other rules and specifications for user access. 
You can also set up PAM in a way that it cuts off access to an individual the moment they leave your organisation or move to another role. This way you can regulate and limit access to users who truly need it to get the job done. 
At the same time, you can ensure end-to-end security of your business IT network irrespective of the change in roles taking place in your organisation. 

3. Analyse and Investigate Potentially High-Risk Activities in Real-Time

One of the benefits of privileged access management from Redpalm is that administrators receive real-time updates via text notifications and emails regarding any suspicious activity to alert them to look into it. 
You can configure alert settings to receive real time alerts when:

  • Privileged account user gains access to a specific system or data
  • Potential policy violations are detected
  • In case of flagged risks, for instance, too many assigned privileges to a specific account

You can review, analyse and inspect these activities based on the notifications you receive in real-time and can proceed to quickly make changes required to maintain high-level security round the clock. 
Since the majority of business operations are now online, it is in your interest to keep a watchful eye on all things digital. Click here to check how secure your IT environment is.

Contact Redpalm for Robust PAM Solutions

Privileged access management is a core aspect of an organisation’s overall identity governance plan. With robust IT solutions guarding your business network, you can rest assured that users with privileged access do not misuse any sensitive information or wrongfully breach your network security that’ll compromise your business functions. 
At Redpalm, by seamlessly integrating your PAM with other access management solutions, we enable you to easily manage and administer both your standard and privileged accounts. 
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