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Your Guide To SaaS Data Protection

In today’s digitised world, cloud computing plays a key role in determining how successful your business can be. To be lucrative, your business must be proactive and high-powered and must possess the ability to make quick yet sound decisions. 
The type of software you use for your business operations and functions will have a major impact on your efficiency and transparency as these are some factors that are responsible for making you the best in your industry
With this in mind, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud computing solutions equip organisations with the ability to be dependable, genuine and fast at affordable prices with infrastructure that sets them apart from their competitors. 
While all of this sounds great, you need proper SaaS data protection to minimise digital disruption and threats

Need for SaaS Data Protection

In today’s SaaS market, end-to-end business IT security is perhaps the most pressing concern. In the past ten years, there has been a colossal shift in the way companies operate online. Due to cyber attacks many customers still have trouble trusting online platforms with their details. Therefore, building a credible cloud-based business model is crucial to ensure continued support and trust from customers and other stakeholders. 
With SaaS data protection, you can strategically implement cloud computing security at the core level. This way, you can enjoy the flexibility of controlling your software while having the necessary peace of mind that your information and security is as robust as it can be. 

The Three Layers of SaaS Data Protection and Security

As a business owner, having robust security measures to safeguard your company data is integral in shielding yourself against external threats. You need to have a dedicated IT support team like Redpalm to weave these SaaS security measures seamlessly across your organisation and create a fully protected business environment.
For this, you first need to understand the three layers of security that are at play with the implementation of SaaS best practices:

IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the software used at the base level of your network. From cloud storage solutions and Microsoft CSP to internal servers and other hosting companies, a secure SaaS product is defined by the robustness of this base layer. 
To ensure all-round security at this lower level, you need to screen and assess each provider. This will ensure that all the endpoints and systems in your IT environment are secure and the connection between providers is initiated accurately not to mention, safely. 
For security reasons, consistency must be maintained across all the established connections. Abiding by all the relevant IT compliances is a shared priority for both parties as customer and service provider. 
At Redpalm, our IT support services take care of your infrastructure at the base level to ensure that network breaches are detected swiftly and dealt with absolute promptness. 
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IT Network

As you move up from the lower level of your security, you’ll have the server-side stack to safeguard your IT environment from network breaches. With network security employed, you’ll know that every connection established with your network internally or externally is secure. 
At Redpalm, when we set up these measures for you, we automate this process so that it becomes easy to identify, log and issue alerts in case any discrepancy is detected in your IT environment.
In case you are worried about the robustness of your SaaS network security, at Redpalm we conduct network monitoring and penetration testing to authenticate and evaluate the effectiveness of your IT network. 

Application and Software

This layer of SaaS data protection policy deals with the technology stack employed at both the server-side and client-side. As a modern-day company, we all use a number of third-party applications and software to store, organise, handle, manage and assess customer data. 
With your SaaS privacy policy, you need to pay special attention to this layer when working with other companies to ensure you remain compliant across the board. 
Like your infrastructure, it’s important to scrutinise and inspect these applications and software to be sure that there aren’t any loopholes that can compromise the security and safety of your network
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Importance of Prioritising Data Security

To ensure end-to-end safety of customer data, regulatory bodies have outlined security guidelines that are mandatory for SaaS companies to follow. At Redpalm, we are compliant with the EU-US and GDPR privacy regulations and frameworks, meaning airtight security is ensured when dealing with customer data. 
Since we are a trusted Tier 1 partner for the EMCRC, we uphold business security standards in the highest regard with every single client we work with. 
We also perform regular IT security audits to ensure there are no weak points in your systems. Click here to get your cyber risk score and to check the robustness of your business’s digital safety performance!

Contact Redpalm for Robust SaaS Security

At Redpalm we focus strongly on Saas best practices and security to ensure you build a secure digital ecosystem that your customers can trust. 
As people are becoming increasingly aware of keeping their personal data secure, creating an environment that keeps all the information and data safe makes for a great USP.
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