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Data Center Storage – 4 Benefits of All Flash Arrays

For far too long, all flash arrays have been a distant rival in the best data center storage wars!
Uncertainty and high costs have prevented organisations from adopting these solutions. However, given that the opinions of many have been changing, the various all flash array benefits have started outweighing their mythic perils.
Additionally, with their costs reducing, more organisations have started adding all flash arrays (the units of which make up an SSD [solid state disk]) to their data storage solutions. This is primarily because of the analytics, agility and speed it brings to the table.
In fact, recent studies have also discovered that nearly 37% of businesses are planning to invest in server side flash installations.
That said, if you want to improve your organisation from an infrastructure point of view, including all flash arrays in your strategy while covering other crucial IT functions can be your best bet.
In this blog, our professional IT specialists have put together the top 4 benefits of all flash array storage and how they can help your company.
Let’s take a look!

All Flash Array Benefits – How It Can Help Your Business?

Whilst all flash storage offers numerous benefits, some of the biggest advantages of including them in your data center storage can be divided in four categories. These include: Scalability, Costs, Speed and Analytics.


With the nature of data center and cloud computing changing dramatically, the benefits of all flash array storage cannot be ignored.
While some businesses are still tolling the death bells of on-premise IT infrastructure, the others (lovingly known as the ‘server huggers’) are holding on with all their strength to a time that might not be here for much longer.
It doesn’t matter where your business belongs, you can’t deny the fact that technology keeps changing. Put simply, people no longer save their music and photos on desktops; they’ve shifted to the cloud. As a matter of fact, several businesses have also started making this shift.
In fact, nearly 77% of organisations are leveraging hybrid cloud solutions and this number is only predicted to grow in the coming years.
Moreover, with many businesses still working from home, agility remains to be the need of the hour and all flash arrays offer you just that. Not only are they faster and more resilient (considering they have zero moving parts) but also rewritable and non-volatile.
To find out more about how all flash arrays can improve your business’ scalability, contact our team today!


For quite some time, all flash storage has been way too expensive to use as a primary (or even secondary, for that matter) storage solution in your data center.
However, since 2010 the cost of all flash arrays (SSDs) has dropped significantly and is expected to fall closer to HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). This means, investing in these solutions has not only become affordable but also lets you reap several all flash array benefits. This is especially in terms of reliability, functionality, weight, speed and agility.
In other words, your business can now store more and more information on the cloud that too at an affordable price.
It doesn’t stop here though. All flash arrays also offer other cost benefits like:

  • Lowered heating costs
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Lowered physical size
  • Easy data center maintenance
  • Fewer replacements

If you’re unsure whether all flash storage will work for your organisation, you can get in touch with our IT specialists.
With hands-on experience, we can understand your business’ needs and accordingly test the solution in your infrastructure to ensure it’s just the right fit for your company.


Unlike those conventional HDDs, all flash storage has zero physical seek limits or moving parts, meaning it offers higher Input/Output Per Second (IOPs).
What’s more, this data center storage solution comes with an increased access and read-write speed which offers a key edge in data accessing and processing. This means, you can now access, share or move data in a simple and quick manner. 
Leveraging all flash arrays, you also get to improve your business’ ROI while enabling your IT team to focus on their core tasks.
Click here to learn more about how you can improve the efficiency of your IT team.


After reading the previous point, you might be wondering – “what could you possibly do with all the increased access and read-write speed?”
Well, with the majority of businesses shifting to the online realm, the requirement for real time analytics is only increasing exponentially. We mean this literally because the amount of information organisations have access to is snowballing. This means, it can leave your business with both an opportunity and an obstacle.
Put simply, while data has the ability to weigh you down, it can also float your business through stormy times!
Add all flash arrays to the mix and you’ll have the access and speed required to leverage that information to guide your IT team and make informed and data driven decisions.

Contact Redpalm to Install All Flash Storage Within Your Organisation

Now that you know the various all flash array benefits your business can reap, why not invest in this storage solution and get it installed within your infrastructure?
At Redpalm, our team of IT professionals have hands-on experience using all flash arrays and can help you solve your storage bottlenecks with complete ease. We can also help you find the perfect solution that fits within your storage needs, workload and budget.
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