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3 Secrets to Keeping Your Business Cyber Secure

A successful business requires a lot of planning and attention. When you put in so much effort to build something solid, it is your moral responsibility to maintain the brand image that you’ve created. 
In a cyber risk zone, by putting your client’s information on the loose, you are letting go of all the trust you have gained from everyone over the years. This happens because you are, in a way, compromising all your client’s and employee’s sensitive data. 
However, you can simply choose to avoid this by knowing the importance of cyber security. A cyber security system such as ours will help you in numerous ways by securing your IT system and network in all its entirety. 
At Redpalm, we have a core group of IT solution professionals who work round the clock to serve you better. 
After learning all about cyber security importance, there are certain things that are highlighted in this guide to bring better efficiency to your business. 
So, read along!

1. Use Strong Passwords

Weak passwords are like an open gateway for cybercriminals to break in and commit fraud. Your business information consisting of important documents and files could be tampered with or shared through unjust means, you need to keep this from happening. 
If used correctly, passwords can be the primary way to secure your IT network and systems. So, how do you do it? 
Simply try to keep strong passwords; not the ones that are convenient and easily accepted by the system. Try to include different character combinations using upper and lower cases, numbers and symbols to make it as cryptic as possible. Use a password manager to remember it all and keep it safe from prying eyes. 
Encourage your employees to follow suit and practice cyber-secure ways of keeping business information safe and intact. 

2. Train for Cyber Security 

IT awareness is key to having a healthy and secure cyber security system. For a business to be successful, constant training and upgrading of your employee knowledge and skills is crucial. 
Equipped with this knowledge, they’ll know how to be safe online which means you can rest assured that they won’t compromise the security of your business network either knowingly or unknowingly. 
Even after this, there might be fraud calls and phishing attempts that can hinder your funds and personal/client information. To avoid such instances, you can schedule timely training sessions to keep everyone informed about the importance of cyber security and the risks that follow if something was to go wrong. 
Lastly, if you are thinking about saving money by not conducting this special training, the money you’ll lose will cost you a lot more than the money required to train the members of your organisation. 
Get in touch with us today to equip your employees with the necessary IT skills and practices! 

3. Invest in Latest Technology

You read it right, by engaging your organisation in the latest technology, you are making an important investment that can impact the overall growth of your organisation. This means that if you are up to date with the technology that you use to protect your data, you can minimise the chances of cybercrime being performed in your IT environment. 
With the advances that have been made over the years, you should reap some benefit out of it too, by using upgraded software
For instance, you can use a cloud-based antivirus program instead of a traditional manual one. This premium technology will automatically and instantaneously keep the viruses and other digital threats and risks away thanks to the automatic application of updates.
A manual antivirus program won’t fix these issues unless you command it and who knows, until then, the deed could already be done. 

Keep Your Business Up-To-Date with Smart Solutions from Redpalm 

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