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A Short Guide on IT Procurement for Your Business

Any organisation that uses IT needs to have the means to procure the necessary technology to operate. 
This involves the collection and provision of processes and focuses on identifying strategic needs for IT, selecting the appropriate solutions and purchasing and executing these. There are separate processes for new solutions compared to older ones, this can be handled by your hired IT provider.
The technology procurement process is more than just buying IT solutions or products and if you’re looking to find out more about what it entails, we’ve got you covered.
The experts at Redpalm have compiled the necessary information and have put together a guide on IT procurement for business, to help you understand what the process is all about.
Let’s get started.

What is the IT Procurement Process and Why is it Important?

IT procurement for business refers to a series of activities and procedures through which IT technology is acquired for a business’ operations. It is a key strategic process as it involves procuring measures that can ease operations or bring about better efficiency for the business.
From determining the IT requirements to managing IT assets, procurement involves multiple steps. This makes it essential that the solutions provider understands all of your requirements.
With the competitive nature of business and emerging technologies disrupting the existing processes in the market, all businesses need to ensure that their IT infrastructure is well-equipped with all the necessary solutions to maintain their business continuity. This means that acquiring the latest software, hardware and other IT systems is essential for all organisations and industries.
Since IT procurement can have a direct impact on a company’s capability to respond to the rapidly changing marketplace demands, it is prioritised by every business

The IT Procurement Strategy – How Does it Work?

Considering the centrality of IT to business success, IT procurement for business is something that needs to be understood by everyone, in every company,  all the way from the key stakeholders to every single member of your IT department.
The procurement strategy should be to identify what IT product / solution can enhance or improve the business and then follow through by purchasing the solutions – it is possibly one of the best IT investment decisions.
That said, a generic IT procurement strategy model involves the processes being divided into two categories – implementation and management.

IT Procurement Implementation

The processes involved in implementation include procedures that fully describe the life cycle of IT procurement for a product or service. This includes the full details of the steps taken for each stage.
Each step of the procurement process begins with setting up the IT requirements, then sending a request for quotation (RTF) for the vendors to sign off and finally completing the contract based on the specifications mentioned.
Implementation also involves reviewing the IT business case to determine justifications or approvals to begin the procurement, evaluating and selecting the right suppliers to form a contract with and lastly, coordinating all the activities to fulfil the contract requirements.

IT Procurement Management

The management group of IT procurement for business involves the overall governance of IT procurements. The procedures here are generally similar to all other purchases that occur in the organisation.
It includes tasks that allow for the optimisation of customer-supplier relationships, using the available IT resources in the best possible way and assures continuous improvement in the procurement management process. All the procedures in this group require a proper analysis of IT concerning their usage and effect on other external relations.
It also emphasises products and services provided for IT purposes within the company.
Since IT procurement is hardly a one size fits all strategy, finding the right IT services provider can help your organisation successfully meet all its IT requirements. This makes it essential for you to find an experienced IT company to work with.

Redpalm – The Ideal Partner For IT Procurement for Business

With years of experience and expertise in providing businesses with the IT solutions they need, we’re well-equipped and informed in all things IT. 
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