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Quarterly IT Review – Top Points You Should Discuss

Quarterly reviews are an essential part of every business’ functions and operations, as it helps review the impact of the vendor’s services as well as future goals and strategies that could prove beneficial to the organisation.
It’s extremely crucial for every business to fully understand the value a professional relationship is bringing to them and how impactful or successful it has been.
Since every business has an IT partner that provides them with certain services, a quarterly IT review could help you understand more about the proactive IT support you’re getting or the lack thereof.
That said, we’ve put together a list of things every IT service provider should discuss in their quarterly reviews. These will certainly help you be well-equipped with all there is to know about IT solutions and services.
So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Understand the Performance and Necessary Metrics

Getting a summary of all the different areas the company has worked on to strengthen your business’ IT infrastructure, improve cyber security and disaster recovery solutions, can give you insights into how your organisation is benefitting from the partnership.
This is only possible when you get the required information, down to the specifics, including all the necessary metrics. The details on the proactive tasks give you better insights into areas that need improvement or can be improved.
With this, you can also get a better understanding of how to improve overall efficiency in related operations and tasks.

2. Technology Recommendations

Technology is constantly progressing with more robust and affordable options that every business can greatly benefit from. With backup and recovery solutions that every company needs in the event of a cyber attack, getting the right recommendations can improve every business greatly.
From robust cloud solutions for storage and  ITSM solutions to password management systems and other efficient software, technology recommendations from your IT company can help your business improve its operations and efficiency.
Since your hired IT company will have a better understanding of what upgrades or additions your organisation could benefit from, they’ll be able to recommend the right solutions.
At Redpalm, our experts are well-versed with robust IT solutions and services and can help you improve your current operations. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch with us today.

3. The Current State of Your IT security

All of the devices used by your employees, including desktops and laptops, need recurring maintenance services along with the proactive installation of updates as and when they become available.
Since these updates fix any flaws in your existing systems, if your IT company is not proactively monitoring this, there’s a high possibility that criminals can gain access to them and exploit the existing vulnerabilities for personal gain.
This means that your IT service provider / partner should provide your business with a report that summarises the update of all the devices with the latest security patches and updates. With this, you get insights into the current state of your IT environment.

4. Other Systems / Software that Need to Be Upgraded 

With a brief insight into the current state of your IT infrastructure, in your organisation’s quarterly IT review, your partner should also suggest systems and software improvements that need to be made.
From old firewalls that need to be upgraded to perhaps a better cloud backup option, there are several resources that your organisation can upgrade for overall efficiency.
Since many operating systems and software have an “end of life”, they’ll no longer prove effective or be supported by the manufacturer after a particular date. With no security updates for these being released, they’re bound to make systems vulnerable.
Your IT partner should ideally discuss this information with your business during the review to provide updates on what systems / software are approaching their due date.

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