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5 Simple Tips to Prevent Insider Threats In 2022

Although most organisations are busy looking for cyber threats on the outside, some of the most damaging cyber attacks can occur on the inside. 
When the members of an organisation pose a cyber threat to the company’s data, they are called an insider threat. 
There are various types of insider threats that can cause serious harm to a company’s functions. These threats need to be mitigated by taking certain necessary safety measures to protect the integrity of your system. 
However, most organisations aren’t aware of the various methods used to prevent threats within the company. Therefore, in this blog post, we have brought you five simple tips that can immensely help you prevent insider threats in 2022. 

1. Employee Monitoring Software

We begin with the most effective tip to protect your data against all insider threats, employee monitoring software. Using employee monitoring software can efficiently help you monitor the activities of your employees in real-time. 
You can use this software to efficiently predict and investigate unusual behaviour that points to a potential insider threat. 
With our brilliant cyber security services, we can install and regulate the software into your system with previously set rules to comply with the routine functions of the business. This way, we can program triggers into the software that detect various threats pointing to data theft, sabotage, etc. 

2. Educate Your Employees

One of the most commonly occurring types of insider threats is negligence. In so many instances where a company’s data has suffered sabotage and damage, the reason has been a lack of cyber security education. 
Negligent employees are a great danger to the company and have to be educated to prevent an organisation from potential cyber threats. Although it won’t prevent all insider attacks, it will make it harder for malicious insider threats to execute their ulterior motives.
Cyber education can also help the employees notice if something fishy takes place in their surroundings and report it. Additionally, by educating your employees about the importance of protecting their data, you also save them from a cyber threat to their personal data

3. Strong Authentication

Another great idea to strengthen your company’s cyber security is to strengthen its authentication. Most organisations use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure maximum security. 
With the help of MFA, a potential threat won’t be able to access your system even if they have the user ID and the password. 
Other than MFA, it is also important that you maintain a high level of complexity for the passwords used across your systems. Unpredictable and non-repeating passwords are another great way to ensure maximum protection.

4. Trust No One

No matter what the employee’s rank is, trust no one. In more than a few cyber attacks, the perpetrator has been someone the employer completely trusted. Privileged access is one of the biggest threats to your cyber security.
Employees who can override all security barriers and access impenetrable data can become a serious threat to the company.
However, in some cases, when there is an absolute requirement to provide admin access to certain employees, you have to monitor them closely. Using an advanced employee monitoring system can efficiently help you keep a check on your most trustworthy employees.

5. Minimise Third Party Access

Unmonitored Third-Party Access is another severe threat to your cyber security. There are usually two possibilities in this scenario. The first one is that the third party that you are associated with, is in itself a threat and poses a danger to your systems. 
The second one would be a weak cyber security system on their end, causing your data to be vulnerable to a world filled with hackers and other cyber threats. In this case, competitors can also try to access your data by hacking into their system. 
Preventing both of these insider threats is simply possible by efficiently minimising third-party access and effectively monitoring their activities.

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