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Top 3 Cybersecurity Threats To Protect Your Business From

In today’s technological infrastructure, nobody is immune to cyber threats and risks.
Most organisations have a dedicated IT service provider taking care of cyber security and other IT-related functions. Those who don’t, are unaware of the benefits this entails.
Since every company has daily tasks that they need to focus on, outsourcing services from an IT service provider can prevent various risks such as cyber threats while also improving other IT-related functions of your business.
If you’re looking for more information regarding which cyber threats an IT solution provider can protect you from, we’ve put together a list that can help.
So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Denial Of Service Attack (DoS)

A DoS attack aims at making resources such as a website or web service unavailable to users. If your business conducts a majority of its work online, this can pose a significant risk to the working of your organisation.
DoS overwhelms the web servers that your business uses with many requests, thereby causing it to crash or respond slowly. This eventually makes the server ineffective. Moreover,  if your website is highly-rated, you can be prone to falling victim to a DoS attack.
In such cases, every IT service provider has a security plan in place to prevent cyber threats such as DoS from ceasing operations for your organisation. Whether it is adding only established IP addresses from accessing the servers or vigilant monitoring of the server to notice suspicious activity, your service provider can identify and take care of any risks.
At Redpalm, we provide every organisation with a cyber attack prevention plan through our services so that they’re safe against such cyber threats.
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2. Trojans And Worms

Trojans or Trojan horses, similar to the history stories, misleads the employee or user of its true intentions by posing as a non-threat. It is essentially malware that infects the device and attacks routers on wireless networks.
Worms, on the other hand, are also malicious software that can spread quickly across the system and networks without having to attach to a specific program, thereby compromising the intel and data saved on the devices or servers. 
Since they use bandwidth to replicate rapidly, they can slow down your network, decrease productivity and allow access to a cyber criminal.
By proactively monitoring the services and installing robust antivirus software, your hired service provider can ensure that your organisation and its data are saved from attacks to prevent cyber threats from occurring.
Moreover, through routine audits, existing vulnerabilities can be exposed and taken care of to prevent any cyber threat from taking advantage of these areas.

3. Spyware And Adware

Spyware is a type of software that is installed in any part of your IT infrastructure without your knowledge. This software essentially monitors and interferes with your activity and can collect important data and information that is handled by your organisation to misuse it.
Adware, on the other hand, works by displaying unwanted advertisements aside from the usual ones that pop up on your desktop, browser, or search engines. However, most of the time, these adware are also spyware and thus pose a threat to the security of your organisation.
To prevent these cyber threats, your IT service provider can install robust cyber security measures that scan and track your system for malicious activity vigilantly. 
Through this close monitoring of your system, anything deemed suspicious can be quickly taken care of. It also ensures data integrity by keeping all your information stored safely with various backup options in place.
By working with a top-notch IT solutions provider like Redpalm, you can find a robust cyber security plan to suit your organisation’s requirements. 

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At Redpalm, with years of experience and expertise in different fields of IT including cybersecurity and technology procurement, we can help every organisation improve its current IT environment to keep cyber threats at bay.
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