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The Pros and Cons of 'Bring Your Own Device' Policies

BYOD or bring your own device is a policy designed to set rules and regulations for those who bring their devices to the workplace.
Every big corporate or small business has a BYOD policy in place to set a strict code of conduct for using devices in their workplace. However, without this policy, security risks may arise that can leave your organisation susceptible to threats.
This means that while allowing your employees to use their devices, being uninformed of the potential security risks can prove to be a mistake on your part. With a BYOB policy in place, you might be able to implement security measures that can keep your organisation protected from several threats.
However, this policy does come with a few cons that can make a significant impact on the way your organisation works.
If you’re interested to learn more about the pros and cons of the BYOB policy, we’ve put together a list that can help.
So without further ado, let’s take a look!

Pros Of The BYOD Policy

The BYOD policy allows employees to carry their own devices to make work more comfortable. Due to the several benefits it brings to an organisation, it’s implemented across various businesses.

1. Better Productivity

Several studies conducted on tech and its importance in the workplace have shown that people’s productivity increases when they’re allowed to use their own devices. 
Since smartphones and other devices are part of our everyday life, it’s natural that using them in the workplace as part of their everyday operations is sure to enhance the daily productivity of employees. 

2. Decreased Costs

The alternative to employees bringing their own devices to work is to provide devices for them. For those looking to cut down on costs, especially companies that have budgetary restrictions, a BYOD policy in place can help cut down costs.
One thing you need to consider while providing laptops or other devices to your employees is that your selected devices may not be something everyone will be well-versed in. Due to this, you’ll have to provide additional training so that they can efficiently use the devices without any issues.

3. Increases Workplace Morale 

Employees that wish to use their own devices benefit from the BYOD policy. This means that the policy has better chances to increase overall workplace morale. It also directly impacts productivity as a happy employee is generally more productive.
With a happy workforce, every organisation has a better chance of attracting talented people that can thrive in the workplace.

Cons Of The BYOD Policy

Every good business policy has its cons and overlooking them might not be the best idea. Before implementing any policy in the workplace, you need to understand both sides to make an informed decision.
That said, here are the cons of this policy –

1. Security Risks

The biggest problem with the BYOD policy is the various security risks that can arise. While each device may have some form of cyber security in place, chances are that it may not be as effective as the security for the company devices would be.
The more the number of devices in your workplace, the higher the potential number of risks that can affect the organisation. In such cases have your servers and data protected with a robust business continuity plan is important. 

2. Lack Of Uniformity

With employees using several types of devices for different tasks, it’s a given that inconsistencies are going to crop up within daily operations. 
When compared to organisations using the same devices, the efficiency in this regard would differ. Additionally, with the lack of uniformity, compatibility also becomes an issue.

3. Legal Problems

Another cause of concern with the BYOD policy that can arise is legal problems. With so many people using their own devices, their personal information becomes vulnerable, especially with the lack of cyber security solutions in place.
If any of the information stored or accessed falls in the wrong hands, there’s a chance that the organisation may face potential losses.

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