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5 Email Productivity Tips – How to Make Your Employees’ Life Easier

Managing continuity in your business is tough, especially with multiple tasks to be looked at every day. Emails, being one of these tasks, can get into the way of your business’s productivity if not managed right away. 
Similarly, it is necessary that you plan your tasks in a way that your business continuity does not break. For instance, we do have disaster recovery plans for unforeseen events; so choose them for the IT security of your business to avoid further damages. 
That said, at Redpalm, we strive to serve quality while maintaining the safety of your IT environment and for this reason, we have curated a list that suggests email management tips for more efficiency in work; this will also help enhance the overall productivity of your employees.
Let’s take a look!

1. Set Up Signatures 

The first and most important step is setting up signatures; this email management tactic is probably the most useful one for increasing productivity by doing the bare minimum. 
Let’s say for example – if you are working in an organisation where the majority of your communication is by means of email and you have to keep sending similar responses (perhaps for customer enquiries), then setting up signatures can save you a lot of time. 
Put simply, when you receive one of these emails that require a default reply, you can select your previously set signature to reply in mere seconds. Doing this once rather than multiple times will collectively help you save a lot of time in the long run. 
Why not get in touch with the IT experts at Redpalm to help set up email signatures?

2. Use the ‘Delayed Email’ Feature 

Regular business emails, if not streamlined properly, can make you prone to forgetfulness. In other words, if your employees forget to send one important email on time, the entire process will be disrupted, eventually reflecting on the overall performance of your business. 
In this case, one of the best email management tips would be to use the feature of delayed emails
With the help of this feature, you can schedule the time at which you wish to deliver a specific email to people. In fact, scheduled emails are useful in cases where certain people like to receive updates and regular statuses at a particular time. 
Moreover, if your business deals with social media, you can schedule emails to be sent when your target audience is most likely to be active, for more reach.

3. Categorise Your Emails 

On certain platforms, you get the feature to organise your emails on the basis of your conversations. This feature comes in handy when you have many incoming emails from various sources; it simply groups all emails together that are part of the same chain or the same conversation. 
Once you do this, your inbox will look much tidier and organised resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.
Give this blog a read to find out more such ways of improving efficiency. 

4. Create Folders for Common Emails

Once you have recognised the pattern of your emails and decided upon grouping your conversations, the handy option of creating folders for ‘similar emails’ will work completely in your favour. 
For instance, on emailing platforms offering the feature of ‘filter emails’, you can add commands to group specific emails from a specific person or authority. Or else, if the email contains a certain keyword, you can command it to move to a specific folder
Similarly, you can also customise your notification sounds for certain senders according to your preferences. 

5. Archive and Delete Older Emails

Everyone knows the importance and benefits of archiving the material that is not necessarily required on your screen. Similarly, when it comes to your email, clearing your inbox and spam folder is equally important.
However, if there’s no timely management of the spam folder of your email along with your inbox, it will not only eat up your storage space but also impact the overall productivity of your employees. This is why it’s crucial to keep archiving and deleting older emails from your inbox.
It doesn’t stop here though! 
If you are using an exchange server, then you will have to use shift+delete to permanently remove your emails. By doing this, you will end up having more storage space, less clutter and decreased strain on your system. 
Additionally, these email management tips, when implemented together, can clearly make a huge difference in the overall performance of your software and your system. 
For professional assistance in regards to enhancing your employee productivity, get in touch with our IT service providers today.

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