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4 Expert Data Privacy Tips for Working Professionals

Data is collected at almost every online activity in an organisation’s IT environment, making it a powerful resource.
However, since the collected data pertains to the company’s confidential information, with its ability to drive impactful decisions in the organisation, keeping the business secure is crucial for maintaining data privacy.
Every organisation can stay on top of this by following data privacy tips for 2022. With a few weeks into the New Year, there’s no better time to upgrade your data privacy strategy.
The experts at Redpalm have put together a list of data privacy tips for 2022 that all working professionals can benefit from.
Let’s take a look.

1. Change And Update Your Security And Permission Settings

Since security settings are usually preset, employees need to make tweaks and update settings and permissions to ensure protection on all ends. 
From location services and requests to automatic connectivity to networks, many apps access personal information. These need to be adjusted accordingly for organisations to maintain data privacy.
Additionally, using a password management system and upgrading your passwords and data permissions ensures better privacy for your confidential data.

2. Adhere To The Data Protection Policy

Data privacy is a legal responsibility that every organisation needs to focus on. Not adhering to strict guidelines can have repercussions in terms of legalities and negative consequences.
Depending on your location, you’ll need to ensure that you abide by the government-set data protection policy and rules. By familiarising yourself with the data protection policies, you can provide business data privacy.
If you’re looking to upgrade your current IT infrastructure, a professional like Redpalm can ensure you have robust cyber security that keeps your organisation’s data safe and secure.
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3. Be More Responsible With Your Emails

Information and files shared over emails are more susceptible to hackers as most email providers do not encrypt your data. Employees may sometimes unknowingly release information that is crucial for the company’s operations. This makes it essential for you to have better email security practices.
There are several email safety practices that all employees have to follow to ensure they don’t accidentally reveal sensitive information or fall prey to phishing attacks by cyber criminals.
You could also choose a secure file sharing solution that can prevent unauthorised parties from accessing your data, making it an excellent addition to data privacy tips for 2022.

4. Have A Disaster Recovery and Backup Solution In Place

While you may have cyber security practices in place, cyber criminals have sophisticated ways of gaining confidential information and can use it against you.
After conducting an IT audit for your business, every organisation can find vulnerabilities in their existing infrastructure that they can strengthen with the right IT solutions and services. However, adding extra security, a great disaster recovery plan, and a backup solution is something every business can benefit from.
Business recovery and disaster planning paired with backup solutions can ensure all your essential data is stored safely. With this, even if a cyber threat targets you, your business need not cease operations with your information protected at all times.

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Following the essential data privacy tips for 2022 is vital for working professionals to ensure the utmost safety for the organisation’s IT environment.
From the best cyber security practices to robust IT solutions, at Redpalm, we can help every organisation improve its IT security. We have several solutions working professionals can significantly benefit from.
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