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Green IT – How Businesses Can Save Money and Maximise Sustainability

Green IT for business, otherwise known as IT Sustainability, is manufacturing, use, management, and disposal of technology in a way that doesn’t affect the environment. 
Needless to say, Information Technology is complex and not associated anywhere close to being eco-friendly; from natural materials required to produce raw materials for computers to power used to run them, an IT environment is responsible for the harmful impact on the environment. 
With social media on the rise more than ever, there is a constant need for visual content, something that accounts for the majority of the power consumption in the IT industry. 
In this blog, the experts at Redpalm have curated a short guide to assist you with possible solutions to the said problem with green IT for business. 
Let’s dive right in!

Benefits of Green IT for Business 

Be it SMEs or big corporate houses; every business establishment is reliant on technology for all or some of its business operations. We are constantly connected via phones, tablets, and computers on servers 24/7. 
Another important segment is that these businesses need to upgrade technological models frequently to remain competitive and up to date in the market. 
With this in mind, the crucial part is to act responsibly while carrying out these frequent changes; your IT should be as sustainable as possible, something that can be achieved by entertaining a green IT approach. We’re talking about all sized businesses relying on data processes, not just the substantial social media companies. 
Moreover, sustainability is likely to be undertaken compulsorily by the government in all aspects, so it is advisable to be prepared beforehand for your business growth and improved customer acquisition. 

A Step Towards Green IT for Business 

Remaining tech-savvy while reducing carbon footprint might have been too challenging in the past. Still, with new and improved robust IT solutions like cloud computing, it is now possible to get a step closer to sustainability. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, in simple terms, is shifting from physical servers, storage, networks, software, etc., to internet-based operating systems. This is for those of you who have currently stored all your company data on in-house servers. 
This shift is not only environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective, impactful and appropriate for remote working. This kind of computing can delete the need to take up space, frequent maintenance, and the energy required for cooling systems.  
Additionally, removing bulky, power-sapping hardware from your physical space will help you bring dramatic reductions in your energy costs. Cloud computing, therefore, can act as your purpose-built data storer, leaving the ‘right on efficiency’ part to the experts. 

Green IT: Other Ways To Sustainability 

1. Minimise Travel 

Using modern video conferencing tools has become one of the necessities; not only do they add efficiency, but they also create a professional and ‘new-age’ image in front of your customers. 
Lastly and most importantly, they reduce travel – helping you reduce costs while you step towards sustainability. 

2. Recycle 

In this sustainability process, you will need to discard your previous IT systems and equipment. This is where you can get sustainable, ensure that you discard it in the most environmentally friendly way. One way is to donate these systems to schools and other charities. Alternatively, the metal and plastic casings can be reused in manufacturing.

3. Work From Home 

The carbon footprint can be drastically reduced if you have remote employees. The commute time and pollution can be reduced with work from home environment. 
Using cloud computing and robust IT solutions like communication and collaboration is extremely necessary in this case. 

Get in Touch With Redpalm for Efficient IT Solutions 

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