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4 Crucial Things Your IT Solution Provider Should Tell You

When it comes to crucial IT issues, it is a given that your IT service provider should communicate proactivity to help strengthen your business growth. This is important because active participation can help you recognise the gaps in your business, to manage stunted growth. 
That said, Redpalm holds communication as a part of our robust IT solutions in high regard. When it comes to serving you, we leave no gaps in ensuring you have an uninterrupted IT environment for your business development. 
That has led us to create bespoke IT services, all of them being up-to-date for hassle-free business functioning. 
That said, here are some crucial IT issues that you should be aware of to make sure that your IT service provider is up to date
Let’s look at them!

1. Outdated Services 

An integral part of taking your business to the next level is fluent IT awareness; making sure that all parts of your IT environment are modernised is very important in any kind of business. 
Outdated services, stop providing updates and security to your data bringing high risk to your business.
The use of older versions tends to create vulnerabilities, so make sure you are aware of the version of IT systems that are being installed by your service provider.

2. Performance Review 

A professional IT service provider should conduct timely communication and update their clients with advances or downfalls in their performance.
A good service provider should have enough integrity to give a timely, honest performance review. This could include the statistics that prove the optimisation of your system in a way that was promised to be delivered. 
The mantra of following ‘utmost good faith’ comes into the limelight here, wherein both the parties should have direct and open communication.

3. Disaster Recovery Plan Test Runs 

Disaster recovery plans are important to maintain the consistency and efficiency of your business. It is most useful when your system breaks down and the employees are unable to work from the office and cannot access information remotely. 
A system breakdown could also create gaps in your IT environment, with high chances of a data breach. This can easily lead to the risk of cybercrime; a branch that has been putting businesses at high risk over recent decades. 
Our disaster recovery plan comes with a full-proof result-oriented motive and we ensure to serve you with the absolute best.

4. Advising on Services 

Hiring an outside IT service provider is, to some extent, similar to outsourcing. It is when you are shifting a complete segment to an expert. 
Redpalm has expert IT professionals and when you hand over your IT segment to us, we know, with our services, your businesses will grow tenfold
With advances in technology, we have a wide platter of crucial IT solutions for a hassle-free business run. 
We’re a team that strives to give you bespoke solutions and when paired with our assistance, you can rest assured regarding your IT security.

Get in Touch With Redpalm for Expert IT Solutions 

The IT environment is the foundation of your business; something that should be protected at all times. We have managed IT services, Unified Endpoint Management, and Communication and Collaboration for cloud-based solutions
When it comes to taking care of your IT environment, we have what it takes to make your businesses flourish. 
Be it SMEs or Large Corporates, we customise and cater to all your IT needs. Our services give your employees the flexibility they deserve whilst making sure you are creating a safe work environment for better efficiency and productivity. 
Now that you know how important it is to recognise crucial IT issues, and given that we are competent enough to resolve them, book your IT appointments by heading over to our website today!