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3 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 | Redpalm

Microsoft Office 365 is not a new software, but you might be unaware of the progress that its features and programmes can bring to your business. 
That integral part of cloud computing can help smoothen and make your business operations more efficient. It is a boon for people who work remotely, but that doesn’t mean all businesses don’t need it. With such more robust IT solutions, Redpalm has been in the industry long enough to understand all the intricacies of your IT environment. 
That’s what brought our experts together to create a list of benefits you can get by incorporating Microsoft Office 365 into your businesses. 
Let’s get started! 

1. Remote Working 

Without a doubt, the first and foremost benefit is of remote functioning of your business operations. 
More and more business establishments are adapting to the work from home culture and creating remote work policies. These policies should include and provide the proper tools and technologies necessary to work efficiently on the go.
The catch sure is to have a strong internet connection; it can help connect with your employees worldwide. Your business data like emails, files, and popular Office programmes (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) can easily be accessed from any location at any given time.
This is not only beneficial for companies who work remotely but also for businesses that require a lot of travelling.

2. Streamlined Collaboration 

If you have many remote employees, collaboration can suffer and take a backseat if you do not provide them with modern business collaboration tools. Since they are not working from the same location, constant face-to-face interaction is missing.
An efficient collaboration tool such as office 365 can allow them to brainstorm, work together on a project, or go over the required edits and approvals remotely in real-time.
For instance, you can utilise the benefits that come with Microsoft Teams – an all in one collaboration hub where users will be able to work on and edit online documents simultaneously. They even offer uninterrupted, quality audio and video conferences to dip, discuss changes or give approvals, all while being in the different corners of the world.

3. Reduced Software Expenses 

This is probably one of the biggest advantages that Microsoft Office 365 can give you – it can help your business save big software expenses. It is a subscription-based software where you need to pay for the software you are using.
This software comes with the flexibility of tiers, where you can choose to purchase only to an extent that is required. 
Additionally, this benefit is also handy when you need to personalise providing access to different employees, as all of them have a different job role or security clearance. In short, you can mix and match plans as and when required.
For instance, you can use the premium version of this software for your highest-end users that need additional capabilities like your team managers. Further, you need to rank and file employees to leverage the less expensive office 365 business essential plans. This can help you to save money by not paying extra for the tools they won’t ever need to use. 

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Now that you understand the importance of cloud computing and the role that office 365 plays in it, you need to start rearranging the way your business operates.
Having data stored online comes with a ton of benefits, and our experts are here to help you with the process. 
We know the in-and-out of what goes into this style of managing your business and have additional, supporting solutions like cyber security and disaster management programmes for efficient and smooth functioning of your business.
It can help save money in your business while making your IT environment completely secure.
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