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Our Top 4 Cyber Security Trends to Watch-out For In 2022

With several businesses adopting online strategies and moving the bulk of their operations online in the past few years, cyber security has become an important area everyone must pay attention to.
However, with advanced techniques, cybercriminals too have taken advantage of this shift with sophisticated techniques that can potentially harm any business.
As we start with 2022, keeping ourselves informed of essential information like cyber security predictions for 2022 can work on improving their existing IT infrastructure to mitigate the risks.
At Redpalm, we know how important it is to keep up with the top cyber security trends for your business to protect it from threats. We’ve put together a list of cyber security predictions for 2022 that everyone needs to watch out for.
Let’s take a look!

1. AI Integration

Artificial intelligence has become an important part of several industries, with cyber security being one of the biggest areas that can benefit greatly.
AI-powered cyber security, whilst it may not be entirely groundbreaking, can help with better efficiency and protection of an organisation’s IT environment. The use of AI in your organisation can help in identifying suspicious behaviour or alarming engagement patterns that can leave a business vulnerable to several threats.
Especially great for systems that deal with a massive amount of online data and information daily, AI-powered cyber security can be just what every business needs to boost their current online environment.

2. Increasing Threat Of Ransomware

There’s been a considerable amount of growth in the online activity carried out in digital environments, which means there’s a growing threat of ransomware we need to be cautious of.
Typically developed through phishing, ransomware attacks trick employees into providing personal or confidential information by clicking a link that downloads malware on their device. However, through USB and other creative approaches, criminals have several ways of attacking an organisation through ransomware. 
While employee training and awareness is the right way to tackle this cyber threat, having backups and disaster recovery solutions in place will always be helpful.
At Redpalm, we provide bespoke IT solutions and services that can help every company strengthen their IT environment. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch with us today!

3. IoT Vulnerability

IoT (the internet of things) or the number of connected devices is forecasted to grow rapidly in the coming years. However, a consequence of this swift growth is an increase in the number of potential access points for cybercriminals.
With the absence of robust cyber security, cybercriminals have an even better chance of spotting vulnerabilities in a system to gain access to the organisation’s digital environment.
While IoT may be getting more sophisticated, it has always been recognised as a threat to a certain extent as it is a treasure trove that provides access to several different important and mundane devices.
From centralised cloud infrastructure to computing devices, many areas can get vulnerable through IoT attacks. To overcome this, a strong IT security strategy through a professional IT solutions provider can help you safeguard your organisation from threats.

4. Robust Upgrades In Digital Environments

Due to the fast-changing nature of technology, policing all activities of your business’ online operations and data is challenging, especially if you do not have the resources for it. However, with the vast majority of operations being conducted online, businesses may have no choice but to make robust upgrades.
One of the best cyber security predictions for 2022 is the expansion of penalties to cover losses or breaches to prevent your business’s data exposure to risks and threats. 
Today, more than ever, building consumer trust is essential for organisations that want us to give them the privilege of access to our valuable personal information. While this will inevitably increase the burden of those responsible for information security in businesses, in the long term, this will only be a good thing. 

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Cyber security for any business has become one of the most mandatory IT strategies that needs to be in place and updated all the time. It is that branch of your IT environment that has no other alternative; a robust cyber security can benefit your business with breaches, threats and risks for uninterrupted business operations, giving your business the space it deserves for tenfold profits. 
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