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Technology Review – Predictions for 2022

The importance of rapid adaptability is paramount. The last few years have shown how important it is to be prepared in the face of uncertainty, especially for businesses.
While tech trends usually mirror the previous year’s ones, in a way technology predictions for 2022 need to concentrate on continuing to support and sustain a virtual way of living and working.
To improve daily operations, businesses will need to accelerate their digital transformations, staying up to date with the future of tech can help them stay on track and procure what they need to do this.
At Redpalm, we’ve put together a list of technology predictions for 2022 to keep you updated on all important areas you need to know about.
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1. Increased Use Of Cloud Computing

Many UK businesses use hybrid forms of working, which means that using technology that prioritises collaboration, communication, security and flexibility will be a priority. With this in mind, relying on outdated systems to store data might not be the best solution for your organisation.
Here’s where cloud computing can prove useful. For businesses that haven’t already made the most of this solution, doing so this year is essential to ensure that people from your company can access data and other applications, whenever and wherever required.
Traditional storage is unfortunately not as reliable as cloud computing and with the options available to purchase a package that fits all your requirements and budget, there’s no reason why your company should not go ahead with this service.
To use cloud computing all that you need is a secure internet connection and a hybrid structure that you’re committed to, working will be easy and efficient no matter where the employee is.

2. Sophisticated And Advanced Security Threats

Sophisticated scams and other forms of cyber attacks are as prevalent as ever, with many employees falling prey to cyber criminals. Whether it is taking advantage of existing vulnerabilities in the system or using processes such as phishing to target employees, there are many ways a criminal can harm your business.
Threats will always be present and if your company is not prepared to handle these with cyber security solutions and other security software, this can have negative consequences
Although sophisticated security threats are definitely part of technology predictions for 2022, you can be prepared beforehand to ensure business protection and continuity.
We offer several IT solutions and services that can strengthen your current IT environment and provide better security and efficiency across your operations.
For robust cyber security solutions and advice on all things IT, get in touch with the experts at Redpalm today!

3. New Tools To Support Hybrid Working

With the immense popularity of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, the improvement and introduction of new tools to support hybrid working is definitely part of the technology predictions for 2022.
Many businesses have committed to a hybrid working environment to facilitate operations and make work more comfortable for employees. However, this process becomes all the more favourable with the introduction of tools that support this form of working.
By leveraging AI and machine learning, there’s vast potential for several organisations to optimise their operations with better collaboration opportunities. Rapid development means businesses need to stay current with the IT atmosphere to bring about better efficiency. With these tools, there’s an excellent opportunity to achieve this.
With the introduction of newer tools and software, not leveraging these will only hold your company back. This means that investing in the future of tech will bring you results that will only enhance the current way of working.

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