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Tips to Keep Your Business Safe From Social Media Risks

Over the past few years, social media has become a massive part of our lives. Almost everything we do is posted on social media as a way to stay connected with friends, family and followers. Businesses have increasingly found benefits in utilising social media too. Building brand identity, keeping in touch with customers and clients, and developing brand awareness are all easily achieved across social media platforms.  
However, while social media has brought us all closer together, if managed improperly, it can pose a risk to a company’s cyber security. Indeed, social media security risks are one the most commonly occurring threats – with research suggesting approximately 2 out of 10 companies are affected by them.
We have good news, though. These risks can be easily mitigated with a few simple steps. We’ve compiled a list of social media security tips that can easily be incorporated into the firm’s security policy, and help keep your data safe.

Social Media Risks

Before we begin with the top social media security tips, let us take a look at some social media risks and how they can affect you. 

Spam Attacks

Twitter and Facebook are some of the biggest social media platforms in the world today. The fact that they are so easily accessible and possess such a large audience makes them perfect for spam attacks. 
Spam attacks refer to when a hacker tries to entice certain users on the website with the help of an intriguing but malicious link. 
When a user clicks on this link out of curiosity, the hacker gains access to the social media account and is able to post to your account freely. This in turn can damage your reputation


Probably the biggest and most avoidable threat to a company’s cyber security is negligence. This is the result of a lack of cyber security training amongst employees.
Potential insider threats can access the devices of negligent employees who forget to lock their devices at work. A simple problem that can be avoided with a few social media security tips. 
This way the threat can access the company’s official social media accounts that are logged into the device and use them to damage the company’s reputation. 

Third-Party Apps

Various third-party apps that assist timely social media posting and automated replying, et cetera are potential social media risks.
Hackers can use such vulnerable apps to gain access to the organisation’s social media credentials and thus its private data.
Linking your social media accounts to such apps can lead to severe damage to the company’s reputation and may also lead to a cyber security breach.

Social Media Security Tips

These were some potential social media risks to a company. Now let us learn how we can avoid these threats with some amazing social media security tips.

Build a Strong Cybersecurity Strategy

Your firm’s cyber security is the key to avoiding all cyber threats. Redpalm can help you build an effective cybersecurity strategy for your firm that protects your data at all costs.
With the right strategy, you can efficiently protect your official social media accounts and have a backup defence plan in case of a breach. 

Educate your Employees

The best way to tackle negligence as a cyber security threat is to increase social media security awareness within your workforce. Cyber security education is one of the most effective social media security tips in 2022.
By simply training your employees to be cautious and suggesting ways to protect the company’s data, you can create a safer IT environment

Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication 

Multi-factor authentication is now widely used by all organisations in an attempt to secure their confidential information and social media accounts. 
With multi-factor authentication, you’ll be required to provide a special one-time password sent to another device or application before logging in. 

Social Media Monitoring 

Monitoring your social media accounts for spam accounts, phishing links or any other suspicious activity is crucial.
A trusted IT support partner can help you set up a system that alerts you whenever there’s some suspicious activity in your account. This could help you avoid a crisis before it emerges. 

Regularly Update Security Settings

This is one of the simplest social media security tips that can effectively help you prevent any threat to your company’s data.
Regularly updating your passwords and other security settings can make it difficult for hackers to access your accounts. 

Choose Redpalm for Ultimate Cyber Security Services

With these simple social media security tips, you can prevent various social media risks to your business.
However, simply educating your employees or changing your passwords isn’t enough. What you need is an effective cyber IT partner who can provide you with tailored cyber security solutions
With years of experience in providing the most secure IT security solutions to all our clients, we can support you with all your cyber security requirements.
We offer a range of bespoke solutions to our clients and help them create cybersecurity strategies that are perfect for their businesses.
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