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What is SIEM?—A Complete Guide to the Cyber Security Software

SIEM, or Security Information and Event Management, is a common term for businesses and is used to keep organisational data secure. It’s crucial for all companies to learn about SIEM and why they should invest in it as a cyber security solution
The need for cyber security solutions like SIEM has grown more than ever as hacking, ransomware and other digital threats have become more common. That’s why you should learn about SIEM and its functions to understand how it can benefit your business. 
In this blog, we’ll deep-dive into the meaning of SIEM, how it works and how it can make your business more secure
Let’s get started! 

What is SIEM?

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management and is offered by managed IT service providers like Redpalm. It’s a combination of two cybersecurity software, SIM and SEM, abbreviations for Security Information Management and Security Event Management. 
Today, SIEM has evolved rapidly by using technology like SOAR to automatically detect any cyber threats based on odd behaviour. This software helps your computer quickly detect and respond to any security breaches. 
It’s a beneficial cyber security tool for your business IT environment. It also helps professionals by offering insights on the activities that take place in their business. 

How Does SIEM Function in Businesses?

After our IT experts install the functionality into your system, the SIEM software works round the clock, observing and collecting crucial data from your IT environment. It analyses data created through the devices that are a part of your IT infrastructure. These include cloud systems, apps, the Internet and security software like firewalls and antivirus. 
After that, SIEM works on categorising and analysing data and events on your business computers. The software will then deliver the analytics results in the form of a dashboard and give you a thorough report. 
This helps you to learn about what’s happening in your business while keeping valuable organisational data secure. Some modern versions of the software also use machine learning to detect any odd behaviour from the log data. 

Why Do You Need SIEM Software for Your Business?

As a business owner and key decision-maker, you must keep a close eye on your data to guard yourself against increasing cyber threats. Additionally, businesses today have more data than ever to gather and analyse. 
With large amounts of information and complex security issues, it’s crucial to track behaviours and important events. Your security operations centre or SOC, works well to protect your data with applications like SIEM. 
Without SIEM, your SOC will have to go through millions of stored data for every application. On the other hand, SIEM makes the process of detection of cyber threats in your data a lot faster. 
The software provides a quick response to any security breaches and gives you the ability to collect, classify, detect and analyse data. This makes it easier for your team to keep an eye on your IT infrastructure and troubleshoot it in real time. 

Benefits of SIEM for Your Business

If you’re looking to build a cyber security team, SIEM is one of the most crucial things you need for your business. There are many benefits of using Redpalm’s SIEM software in your IT infrastructure.

1. Flexibility 

The amount of data generated by a business is growing massively and organisations need flexible software that will adapt and grow with time. You can use modern SIEMs in a virtual environment or on-premise to handle complex issues. 
Additionally, Redpalm will constantly update your SIEM software, ensuring your business can deal with the latest cyber threats. 

2. Productivity

Once the SIEM software collects its log, it can immediately begin the work of scanning any odd activity. It can help you with security analysis and help improve your response time to threats. 

3. Adaptability

Cyber attacks are growing more complex, meaning your business needs equally sophisticated tools. Redpalm’s SIEM software is equipped with machine learning to monitor suspicious user behaviour and help protect your business from attacks. 
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Contact Redpalm for SIEM and Other Cyber Security Services

Now that you’re aware of what SIEM is and how it can benefit your business, you need to find the best cyber security solution service. Redpalm’s SIEM software is one of the best in the country, with experts ready to help you in case of any issues. 
We also provide solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery, along with communication and collaboration and technology procurement. You can also request a free IT consultation to learn more about how you can keep your data secure against other threats.
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