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The Pros and Cons of On-Premise Server Solutions

Choosing the right file storage system is essential as it has an influence over your business operations

Factors such as cost, accessibility, scalability and security must be prioritised, as these server solutions hold all your data on internal servers. 

However, since this means that you need to significantly invest in IT equipment, infrastructure, licences and more are something every business needs to carefully consider On-premise pros and cons before they decide to opt for this solution.

A better understanding of this system and how it works will ensure that every organisation can leverage it to maximise operational efficiency.

With this in mind, the experts at Redpalm have curated a blog on On-premise pros and cons that every business needs to know about.
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What Is An On-Premise Server?

On-premise servers are a group of servers that a company privately owns and controls. Since traditional cloud computing involves leasing resources from a third-party provider, many business owners tend to opt for On-premise servers.

With On-premise software, companies are responsible for maintaining and facilitating the related processes themselves. This software is installed on the computers on the business premises, instead of a remote cloud or server farm.

While this may be a little more expensive than cloud software and also requires hardware and investment in software and additional licences, it is considered more secure as all of the data is stored entirely within the organisation.

Here’s a list of On-premise pros and cons to help you better understand what this server solution entails –

The Pros of On-Premise Servers

If your business is considering a more traditional method of storing data, On-premise servers may be the perfect solution. 

1. No Monthly Fee

While the initial upfront cost might seem expensive, this solution doesn’t require a monthly usage fee, which makes it a great option for every business. Although there are annual maintenance costs that the company will need to keep up with, the recurring costs are lower than that of cloud solutions.

The upfront cost and annual maintenance may seem like a lot, but in the long run, it might prove to be a more cost-effective solution than cloud storage.

2. Better Data Security

Since the business owns all the servers that store the data, On-premise servers are an excellent solution for businesses with extreme security concerns. Areas such as finance, healthcare and government agencies can greatly benefit from On-premise servers, as everything is stored internally.

With businesses having complete ownership of the data, the responsibility of maintaining the servers is completely up to the internal team.

3. Highly Customisable 

On-premise servers are highly customisable, thereby allowing organisations the freedom to build their infrastructure to meet their own specific operational needs. 
From multiple operating systems to a variety of applications that can’t run on a single server, the customisable nature of On-premise solutions allows for them to be used according to the requirements of the business.

The Cons of On-Premise Solutions

While On-premise solutions provide robust security and data protection, they do come with a few limitations. The initial upfront cost, whilst effective down the line, may not be something that every business can afford.

Additionally, if the servers are accessed from outside the office, this can result in a slow internet connection. With this, if two people are trying to edit a file on the server at the same time, they won’t be able to access the file.

Moreover, regular backups are essential to mitigate the loss of data during any external disruption, either natural or manmade.

However, when you weigh the On-premise pros and cons against each other, the pros tip the scales in favour of this server solution. This means that it can be utilised favourably by many organisations.

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